Friday, June 27, 2014

Media and the Truth

I think one of the greatest tragedies of the current time is the deterioration of our news media. The problem is lack of interest in the truth. Reporters used to investigate and find out the truth before they wrote or broadcast stories. This dishonest mentality has blown way past bias all the way to corruption. The practice now seems to be that a reporter or columnist hears a story, gets a Tweet or looks on the internet to find a version of a story that agrees with their political beliefs, then print it as the truth, regardless of the veracity. I personally do not think this is journalism, that’s just journal entries.

The pity is, so many people believe what they read in print or hear on TV. They take these stories as true. This is a bigger tragedy. Until our way of governing is destroyed from within, the people still get to decide the type of government we have, the news we get and how much freedom we are willing to sacrifice. We have to stop tuning in to TV news broadcasts that refuse to print the news that does not fit their ideology. Instead of printing the truth, newspapers print stories that strike out at people who call them out on their deception. The ONLY solution is us. Stop tuning in to their TV news broadcasts. Stop buying their newspapers.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


There are a myriad ways to get into poverty and few ways out once you are there. But people do get out of poverty. How do they do it? Listen and observe. Listen to successful people talk about how they got to be successful. I have heard hundreds of stories from successful people about mothers working two or three jobs with long hours to feed and educate their children. These mothers don’t necessarily see hope for themselves, they are just trying to stay alive. Their hope is in their children. There are lessons in these stories, if you pay attention. The one essential thing for getting out of poverty is believing that you can get out. Next is being willing to work to attain what you believe you can do.  

The biggest impediment we have for getting out of poverty in this country is continuously being told you can’t get out. The only people that get out of poverty under these circumstances are people too stubborn to listen to what they are told. What the governments should be doing is giving you assistance to help you work your way out of poverty. Once they give you more than a helping hand, you are stuck and can never change your status.

What rights do people have in the United States? If you think you have a right not to live in poverty, you will be continually disappointed. If you think the government gives you rights, then you have to understand the government can take them away.

That is not really the question I think about when I view myself or my neighbor's situation. My world view is that all people should have essential things. Essential in my view is food to eat, a safe place to stay and work that provides the ability to afford the essential things for a person and their family, however they describe their family. A good job should offer the opportunity to advance or provide an opportunity for training so a person can advance by changing employment. This does not mean that a company has to train you, but if they do not, you should have sufficient time off and sufficient funds to provide your own training.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Freedom and Responsibility

Freedom is a word we take for granted in the United States. So much so that we usually do not take time to understand the implications. Think about it. You hear the term “born free.” But nobody is born free. Freedom means no obligations and no desires. You are born wanting air to breathe, something to eat and a warm place to sleep, so you have needs and less than pure freedom immediately, at birth. I think Kris Kristofferson understood this when he wrote “freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose” in his song Me and Bobby McGee.
When we are old enough to start making decisions for ourselves as individuals, each person must decide how much freedom they are willing to sacrifice for what they want. If you want more marbles, you have to sacrifice the time to learn to play marbles better. If you marry, you choose to give up some freedom to share your life with another person. This implies a willingness not only to service your needs, but share in effort to meet the needs of another person. Do you suppose having children could cost you some freedom?
The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution, talks about freedom. A major fear of the men who wrote the Constitution was fear of an oppressive government. Their intent was not only to not let the government endanger our freedom, but that the government would also protect us from other people who want to take away our freedoms.
Freedom comes at a high cost. We go to wars with other countries to help other people stay free. In America where we claim to be free, much of the population will not even vote. No wonder we have the government we have. Freedom will not last if citizens don’t take the responsibility to keep us free. Do your part. Speak your mind. If our systems has made you wealthy, you have a responsibility to offer a hand up to the people you left behind. As a citizen, we have a responsibility to help other achieve

My belief is that the only way to destroy the United States of America is from within, not by being attacked by other countries. Oppressive government regulations usurp our freedom. It keeps getting worse and worse. Because it happens slowly, the populace of the United States does not seem to notice. Wake up folks. Every law passed reduces your freedom

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


On of my strongest held beliefs is that most limitations are self-imposed. I get more arguments about this that most other things I state as beliefs. The sadness of this is that people who disagree with me prove my original premise. You hear all kinds of excuses why they cannot do a particular thing. Ambition and desire call for work. Nothing is free. The cost may be work, money, energy, sacrifice or many other things. There is little reward for doing things that are easy. Each individual must choose what they are willing to pay to achieve a goal. The first step, every time, is to decide you can do it.

Don’t know how – learn. Can’t afford school – get a job and work until you can afford school. Don’t have a car to get to work? – start early and walk until you earn enough to buy a car..There is always a way if the desire and work ethic is there. It all starts with believing you can do it. Whatever you want to accomplish is almost always achieved by hard work. I have seen people get lucky, but I would never count on luck.

Can I land a manned space ship on Mars or Venus? Absolutely. All it takes is time and money. Do I want the job? No – too much time and too much work at my age.

Step 1: Believe you can do it. Step 2: Find a way to get funding. Step 3: Hire people that fit the needed skill set for success. If they don’t exist, find willing people and train them. That’s exactly what NASA did to get to the moon, after Kennedy made steps 1 and 2 easy.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


What I believe is based on my personal experiences during the 70 years of my life. What I believe, I believe and support strongly. It by no means infers that I am right. I use the following definition of belief throughout my writing.

 A belief is what you think is true, until you learn better.

I do not debate what I believe. I have had the discussions and arguments my whole life. That is how I got to believe what I do. Words will not change my mind. The only way I can change what I believe is for my observations to prove me wrong. This is probably why young people view old people as set in their ways. Well, we are and you will be too, if you are not already. Our experiences cause us to form our beliefs.

The exception to this is usually about religion. People are often ready to believe religious teachings based on faith. Some even claim to see evidence that their beliefs are founded in truth. Usually, the ones that agree with the evidence also share the faith. I personally take no issue with people believing what they want to believe. I do object to anyone insisting I believe what they believe

Monday, June 2, 2014

Thoughts and Ideas Blog

This blog will not be a daily blog like my travel blog at This blog is intended to reflect my thoughts, ideas and beliefs about topics that affect all of us. I don't plan to solve the world's problems, but I would like to share my thoughts with everyone and generate some discussion about my ideas that might lead to solutions.

Some topics I intend to comment on include:

Freedom and its Responsibilities
Media and the Truth
Space Travel
Citizenship and responsibility
Government Spending