Tuesday, June 3, 2014


What I believe is based on my personal experiences during the 70 years of my life. What I believe, I believe and support strongly. It by no means infers that I am right. I use the following definition of belief throughout my writing.

 A belief is what you think is true, until you learn better.

I do not debate what I believe. I have had the discussions and arguments my whole life. That is how I got to believe what I do. Words will not change my mind. The only way I can change what I believe is for my observations to prove me wrong. This is probably why young people view old people as set in their ways. Well, we are and you will be too, if you are not already. Our experiences cause us to form our beliefs.

The exception to this is usually about religion. People are often ready to believe religious teachings based on faith. Some even claim to see evidence that their beliefs are founded in truth. Usually, the ones that agree with the evidence also share the faith. I personally take no issue with people believing what they want to believe. I do object to anyone insisting I believe what they believe

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