Wednesday, June 4, 2014


On of my strongest held beliefs is that most limitations are self-imposed. I get more arguments about this that most other things I state as beliefs. The sadness of this is that people who disagree with me prove my original premise. You hear all kinds of excuses why they cannot do a particular thing. Ambition and desire call for work. Nothing is free. The cost may be work, money, energy, sacrifice or many other things. There is little reward for doing things that are easy. Each individual must choose what they are willing to pay to achieve a goal. The first step, every time, is to decide you can do it.

Don’t know how – learn. Can’t afford school – get a job and work until you can afford school. Don’t have a car to get to work? – start early and walk until you earn enough to buy a car..There is always a way if the desire and work ethic is there. It all starts with believing you can do it. Whatever you want to accomplish is almost always achieved by hard work. I have seen people get lucky, but I would never count on luck.

Can I land a manned space ship on Mars or Venus? Absolutely. All it takes is time and money. Do I want the job? No – too much time and too much work at my age.

Step 1: Believe you can do it. Step 2: Find a way to get funding. Step 3: Hire people that fit the needed skill set for success. If they don’t exist, find willing people and train them. That’s exactly what NASA did to get to the moon, after Kennedy made steps 1 and 2 easy.

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