Friday, June 27, 2014

Media and the Truth

I think one of the greatest tragedies of the current time is the deterioration of our news media. The problem is lack of interest in the truth. Reporters used to investigate and find out the truth before they wrote or broadcast stories. This dishonest mentality has blown way past bias all the way to corruption. The practice now seems to be that a reporter or columnist hears a story, gets a Tweet or looks on the internet to find a version of a story that agrees with their political beliefs, then print it as the truth, regardless of the veracity. I personally do not think this is journalism, that’s just journal entries.

The pity is, so many people believe what they read in print or hear on TV. They take these stories as true. This is a bigger tragedy. Until our way of governing is destroyed from within, the people still get to decide the type of government we have, the news we get and how much freedom we are willing to sacrifice. We have to stop tuning in to TV news broadcasts that refuse to print the news that does not fit their ideology. Instead of printing the truth, newspapers print stories that strike out at people who call them out on their deception. The ONLY solution is us. Stop tuning in to their TV news broadcasts. Stop buying their newspapers.

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