Thursday, June 19, 2014


There are a myriad ways to get into poverty and few ways out once you are there. But people do get out of poverty. How do they do it? Listen and observe. Listen to successful people talk about how they got to be successful. I have heard hundreds of stories from successful people about mothers working two or three jobs with long hours to feed and educate their children. These mothers don’t necessarily see hope for themselves, they are just trying to stay alive. Their hope is in their children. There are lessons in these stories, if you pay attention. The one essential thing for getting out of poverty is believing that you can get out. Next is being willing to work to attain what you believe you can do.  

The biggest impediment we have for getting out of poverty in this country is continuously being told you can’t get out. The only people that get out of poverty under these circumstances are people too stubborn to listen to what they are told. What the governments should be doing is giving you assistance to help you work your way out of poverty. Once they give you more than a helping hand, you are stuck and can never change your status.

What rights do people have in the United States? If you think you have a right not to live in poverty, you will be continually disappointed. If you think the government gives you rights, then you have to understand the government can take them away.

That is not really the question I think about when I view myself or my neighbor's situation. My world view is that all people should have essential things. Essential in my view is food to eat, a safe place to stay and work that provides the ability to afford the essential things for a person and their family, however they describe their family. A good job should offer the opportunity to advance or provide an opportunity for training so a person can advance by changing employment. This does not mean that a company has to train you, but if they do not, you should have sufficient time off and sufficient funds to provide your own training.

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