Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Endangered Species Act

The Endangered Species Act of 1975 is being used against the American people like a weapon to take away use of public and private land. This is another environmentalist gift from the Nixon administration. Nixon and the congressional Republicans that allowed this bill to pass were extremely short sighted by ignoring the unintended consequences of legislation. This parallels the debacle of the Environmental Protection Agency, another Nixon boondoggle that he created with the stroke of a pen with an executive order.

These are bad laws administrated by bureaucrats that are never elected. They need to be stopped.

Fish and Wildlife is putting an eight foot board fence up around public land in New Mexico that they claim is a habitat for the New Mexico meadow field mouse, which recently went on the endangered species list. No one has seen any of the mice, but the environmentalist and their government cohorts always use the same excuse: You don’t look when they are there.

A field mouse we cannot see or find gets a border fence and the southern border of this country is wide open. It has been breached by invaders and drug lords and drug smugglers growing marijuana on American soil. The government’s answer is to protect mice, but endanger all of the American people and to keep American cattlemen from their own land and public grazing land. Americans are prevented from going into parts of America because the government is willingly allowing drug smugglers to use it. I know they know this because the government officials put up the keep out signs.

What have we become? The government cares more about rats than they do American people. It is past time to do something, folks. The Obama administration knows this. That is why he had the Department of Homeland Security buy up all the ammunition they could stockpile to use in suppressing the American people. They cannot get the guns out of your hands, so they are trying to make ammunition more difficult for citizens to get.

We are headed toward a dictatorship. Watch what he does, not what he says.

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