Thursday, July 17, 2014

Global Warming

Most people do not realize what is going on with the EPA and why. The EPA is taking their cue from global warming enthusiasts. Since the earth stopped warming, Al Gore started calling his initiative climate change. Unfortunately, there are very few climate scientists in the world today. I say this with strong conviction. By definition, a scientist is a person endeavoring to learn the truth. Climate change scientists do not tell the truth, because there is no money in it. Scientists get government grants only if they support the global warming initiative.

Climate change is no longer a science topic. It has become a political topic. The climate change community has developed computer models that predict what temperatures will be in the future. They started with actual temperature data and when the actual temperature did not fit their model, they changed the actual temperature data instead of changing their computer model. If you do not believe what I am saying, do some investigation on your own. They present the erroneous data as fact and get away with it, but honest climate scientists cannot get funding. This is the biggest con since social security.

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