Monday, August 18, 2014

Citizenship and Responsibility

Citizenship is a responsibility. We should not take it lightly. We can vote for our elected officials. Why is it that only half of eligible voters go to the polls?

We have got ourselves into a jam with our federal government. We continue to do it to ourselves. Yes, we do it to ourselves. Think how ludicrous it is to detest Congress and keep electing the same people to Congress. We keep getting what we ask for because as a people we are lazy and naive. “I don’t like Congress, but I like my congressman” is a cop-out. It is also stupid. After they have been there two terms, it is time for them to go.

Citizens, normally do not know what their representative believe. What we know is what they tell you they believe and what they tell you they will do. We need to pay attention to what they do, not what they say. By electing professional politicians, and continuing to elect the same people, we guarantee more laws will be passed that are not needed and that usurp our freedom.

One of the consequences of having professional politicians follows. Think about this. Congress has made it law that they get raises automatically. No matter how bad they are, they get more money every year. We do not protest. We accept this as a way of life. It is dumb for us to allow anyone to get a raise without merit. This practice needs to stop. When the economy is bad and many people are out of work, members of Congress rake in the dough. Another trick they use is called “base-line budgeting.” What this does is guarantees the federal budget increases four to six percent every year, whether they need the money or not. My details may be erroneous, but the facts are not. Can you imagine a citizen-politician passing a law that gives an automatic pay increase to the person that replaces them?

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