Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Justice and Injustice

Human beings will never have justice. There are too many people willing to lie, news media willing to spread the lies and many more people who will believe the lies.

In the United States we have a legal system based on a European legal system that has worked for centuries. Our legal system struggles for justice for everyone that enters the legal system. Struggles fits. DAs across the country buy testimony from jailhouse snitches by giving them reduced sentences. The snitches testify against others in jail and DAs get people incarcerated based on this testimony. Our judges allow this to happen. Paid defense witnesses are always impugned, but criminals known for willingness to break the law are treated as if they were truthful. So we DO have injustice built into our system.

Police investigators and detectives use the FBI database to determine who is most likely to have committed a murder. Lazy or unscrupulous investigators then go about trying to prove the individual that fits the FBI model did the crime instead of following the leads available. People are convicted by juries on circumstantial evidence all the time. It often comes down to who has the best, most presentable lawyer, not facts of the case. People found guilty in error add more erroneous data to the FBI database, thus ensuring more innocent people will be incarcerated in the future. It would be more just if the FBI did not have a database and each investigator had to actually explore all the evidence.

Even worse, we make our prosecutors politicians. Talk about a conflict of interest.

There is no doubt that people that can discriminate sometimes do discriminate. There is no doubt that black people have been unfairly convicted of crimes they did not commit, especially in the south. There is no doubt there is built in discrimination in our society. All these things need to be corrected by the human beings that we elect and put in charge.

Our solution should not be to call for punishment for someone we perceive as causing harm to us without facts. Justice is served when appropriate punishment is applied after all the facts are known. Protesters in the streets will never hear this message. Rioters do not care what your message is. The burden for a solution is on us. We need to start electing people that share our moral beliefs, not the charlatans that lie to you and buy your votes by giving you free stuff.

We the people are the solution to our problems. We will not be successful as long as we are willing to believe lies and propaganda.

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