Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Capitalism and Socialism

Capitalism and socialism are economic theories. Capitalists want minimal government interference and like to let the free market establish prices and wages. Capitalists want equal opportunity for everyone to succeed. Socialists believe in economic equality where the government has a big role in making sure economic outcomes are the same for everyone. President Obama likes to call this economic justice.

Capitals believe in low taxes, minimal laws to regulate business and expect people who work harder to be more successful. Work harder might mean working longer hours or taking risks with your capital to make more money. Socialists believe in high taxes and lean toward government control of business. Socialists think everyone should end up with the same amount of money, regardless of some people’s unwillingness to work.

The truth is that most economic systems are a hybrid of capitalistic and socialistic ideas. What we have in the United States is a system that becomes more capitalistic under Republican administrations and more socialist under Democratic administrations.

Which system is better is always under debate in this country. The reason there is a debate is because academics and news media are primarily Democrats that have big voices. If we had honesty in the academic and media arena, there would be no debate -- capitalism would win.

Right now, under the Obama administration we are maximizing government control and high taxes. Anyone that pays attention knows that 25% of working age people cannot find a job and per capita income drops every year. Instead of everyone being equal, the rich are getting extremely rich and the poor are getting extremely poor.        

Hey, maybe this is the point. Now that Obama has killed all the jobs, he is forced to give more things to the poor people. This is the same poor people that his policies made poor. Is that how people become good Democrats? They need a Democrat in power to give them things that Democrat policies kept them from getting. This is not for me, folks.

Under capitalism the rich get richer, but so do the poor. They have an opportunity to move into middle class or even become wealthy. Under socialism the rich get richer and the poor get what government wants them to have. The only people getting rich right now are politicians that are keeping the rest of us suppressed.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Who Da Fool

Wouldn't it be ironic if the fools in this story are the republicans and conservatives that refused to vote for Romney because he was not a perfect candidate?

Saturday, September 27, 2014


I think this is what the environmental movement is about. I think they want to stop all industrial activity in the United States. The claim is that industry is ruining the earth. If you call them on their big boats and big jets they use to get around the world, they tell you to stop changing the subject. Al Gore, Barack Obama, Ron Reagan and Leo DiCaprio all have a huge carbon footprint while telling others not to do what they do. Like all good activists, they want you to change your behavior while ignoring theirs.

I am in favor of clean air, clean water and a thriving planet on a sustainable course. I want garbage out of the street. I want things that can be recycled efficiently to be recycled. I want people to have a safe place to live, food to eat when they get hungry and a way to get from one place to another when they need to do so. I want people to be free from disease and have medical care when they need it. All the things I want costs money. All the things the environmentalists want costs money.   

This is where I part ways with environmentalists. I know shutting down industries kills jobs and makes less money available to buy the things we agree that we need. Governments cannot survive without industry. If you want to change to a cleaner energy resource you must do research and development. You cannot do that without money.

Our current administration has wasted, yes wasted a minimum of two trillion dollars trying to create a green energy industry. At the same time they are killing the coal business, which makes energy more expensive while putting more people out of work. Our government is bringing in more money than it ever has in our history and we are still going into more debt each day. When industry is gone and there are no jobs, where do they think the money will come from? I do not think they care. I think all the politicians are interested in is placing the blame on anyone but themselves.

I do not think the environmental marchers have any logical thought about what they are doing. They have a few leaders that provide guidance and the believers follow. I think it is time for individuals in the environmental movement to think about the consequences of their actions. If they are successful there will be no money for the government to spend to give them free stuff.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Education I

I have been concerned for a long time about the direction education is going in this country. My feeling is that students are being taught socialistic principles and protest mentality by teachers whose loyalty is to the teachers unions and no longer to the education of children. Students are being radicalized with intent. I think the Common Core curriculum has intent to condition our children to progressive beliefs that disregard and minimize our Constitution. I believe this educational path we are on is leading us to the downfall of the United States.

This downward trend is being exacerbated by the Federal Department of Education established during the Jimmy Carter administration. I think the original intent was noble, but instead of assuring every child gets a comparable good education, it has allowed the federal government to dictate what can be taught in schools. Like all progressive organizations, the Department of Education uses “nudge” technique to keep tweaking education in a socialist direction.

The biggest change in education has been in the way United States history is taught. I want children to be taught the truth, but not just part of the truth. When I was in school I was taught the United States was a noble country. Emphasis was primarily on the good things we have accomplished. There was a smattering of ignoble things we have done as a country. There is extensive literature available supporting both points of view, which I think is good for everyone. Now children are being taught only the ignoble parts of our history and ignoring the noble parts of our history.

Our colleges are training our young people to believe that socialism is preferable to capitalism. Further they are being taught Saul Alinsky tactics that he outlined in his book Rules for Radicals. These are basic communistic community organizer techniques employed by our President, Barack Obama and well entrenched in Hillary Clinton, who wants to be our next president. “Occupy Wall Street” is a direct result of this education. Protesters this week end at the global warming marches are anti business and a direct result of this education.

We must elect more conservatives to school board positions and kick out the progressive pseudo-academics. Have you ever noticed that hippie protestors of the 60s and 70s are educators in our colleges teaching our children?

If we keep electing these progressive radicals we are going to lose the opportunity to turn our educational system around. If we continue on this path, the United States will collapse. Obama has already removed us from being the major political and economic power in the world. Believe me, it can get worse.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Things I Believe

§      Belief is truth, until you know better.
§      A self-confident individual with a positive attitude is more powerful than a team of organized cynics.
§      Self-awareness is the most effective means to understanding others.
§      Assessments by people that control your progress guarantees misinformation.
§      Prejudice is normal; bigotry is unacceptable.
§      Bigots identify themselves by blaming.
§      People fail because they don’t know they do not have to.
§      Jumping to conclusions leads to embarrassment.
§      A good heart is more valuable than a good process.
§      Engineering techniques do not solve people problems.
§      More money is spent collecting data than saved.
§      Motivated individuals need direction, not help.
§      Improvement comes from knowledge, not training.
§      The value of salesmanship is misunderstood.
§      Inconsistent terminology multiplies confusion.
§      If you care, it’s important.
§      Everything is easy to those that see how.
§      What you do well today is more valuable than what you plan for tomorrow.
§      Vision and principals have more impact than plans and rules.
§      My true value to the world is what I do because of who I am.
§      Anticipation is more rewarding than achievement.
§      Doing one thing right is better than doing a lot of things with mediocrity.
§      The hardest part is communication, both with yourself and with others.
§      If you don’t think you can, you probably cannot.
§      Most barriers only exist in your mind.
§      Computers repeat errors faster than people.
§      Thoughts are usually limited by experience and training.
§      Doing nothing is a decision.
§      Class will out.
§      Whatever someone chooses to address gets attention.

Friday, September 19, 2014


Religion is an interesting topic. I am flabbergasted by how many people human beings destroy because of religion – not by God or whatever name assigned to your deity, but by people displaying hateful behavior for their religion. I would never create or serve a God that wants me to kill other human beings for Him or Her.

Whether or not God exists, all religions are created by people. Human beings wrote everything ever written about God or for God. Religions stick to their story that writings they believe in are inspired by God, unfortunately most of the inspired writers are dead, so we cannot question them. Not only are the documents written by humans, the writings are translated from one language to another many times over. Then you get hundreds of interpretations about what the Bible or Koran are supposed to mean. The Mormons have the Book of Morman to supplement the Bible teachings. The Hebrew Bible ignores what Christians call the New Testament and have religious documents that are not used or accepted by any other religion. I have no objection to any writing people consider holy.

Believe what you want to believe and it is okay with me. Like everyone else I am convinced that what I believe is true, but I do not feel obligated to share my religious beliefs with anyone else. 

I do object when your religion threatens other people. I only know of one religion that has large groups inside their religion that follow an interpretation that demands they slay other human beings. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Popcorn Story

My wife Kathi told me my posts of late have been too serious, so this one has a lighter mood. I am a mathematician by training and this story is to give you insight into how a mathematician thinks.

You come up to a four burner stove and find Jiffy Pop on the front left burner. You turn on the front left burner and the heat does not come on, so no popcorn. So you move the Jiffy Pop to the left rear burner and turn that burner on. Again you find no heat, so no joy and no popcorn. Then you move the Jiffy Pop to the right rear burner, turn on the burner, get heat and have popcorn. It was good popcorn, but needed more butter and salt. I’ll remember that for next time.

A few days later you return to the kitchen and find Jiffy Pop on the front left burner. You turn the burner on and it does not heat, so no popcorn. What do you do next? What would an engineer do? What would a physicist do? What would a mathematician do? Think about it a minute before you read on.

I am not sure what you would do, but my training tells me the engineer will fix the stove, the physicist would move the popcorn to the right rear burner and the mathematician would move the Jiffy Pop to the left rear burner.

You might think the mathematician is dumb, but let me explain how and why I think like a mathematician. Mathematics is a rigorous science. Mathematics has strict rules of operation and everything you prove is true can be used as a starting point for the next step in problem solving.

If I want popcorn, I know how to get it. I have seen this method work. The left front burner does not work, so I go to the left rear burner, try it and it does not work, so I go to the right rear burner, turn it on and have popcorn. I do not have a rule that allows me to skip a step, thus I cannot go directly to the right rear burner.

Someday a brilliant mathematician will come along and develop a better popcorn rule, but until then, I am stuck in the slow method for popcorn.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Government Spending

Through September 2014 the federal government has drawn in $2.66 trillion in taxes and went over budget by $589 billion. The level of spending our Federal Government is doing is unconscionable. The Department of Homeland Security has become the biggest police force in the world, The Environmental Protection Agency is shutting down our economy and trying to regulate rain water drain off from individual homesteads, the IRS and Department of Justice is running roughshod over our Constitution and using all the force of government to quiet political enemies of this administration. The Departments of Justice and Housing and Urban Development have set up agents in all major cities to sway elections in the name of social justice.

In Obama’s first year in office when democrats held both houses of Congress, they increased the budget by 25%. The next three years Harry Reid would not pass a budget which means we lived on continuing resolutions. This has increased the Federal budget to 40% more than it was when Obama was elected.

Then came the sequester which finally put a restraint on government spending. What happened next is appalling. In less than a year, Republicans and democrats alike got together to pass a budget that would nullify the sequester.

Congress passes laws that hurt the populace and exempt themselves and Congressional staff from having to obey the laws they made to suppress us. Obamacare is a prime example.

The only way to stop these people is to cut off the money. What can we do? Elect Congress people who will fight against big government. Invite your friends to join you in petitioning Congress to actually pass a budget that will reduce the deficit.

Friday, September 12, 2014

War on Women is a Farce

There are a few things that aggravate me. Many of them are related to the democrat party and the lies they are willing to tell to get elected. Even worse is the news media’s willingness to print the lies. One of the most egregious is the supposed “War on Women” the Republicans are supposed to be waging.

Do you know any Republicans that do not have mothers? Most Republicans even have wives and many have daughters. By news accounts you would think Republicans were waging internal wars with their own families. Politician may be different, than I am, but I lose most of the battles of the sexes inside my family.

Romney was eviscerated by the media for getting “binders” of information on qualified women to determine which would best serve in his government in Massachusetts. That is how most government positions are filled, but Romney was labeled as a woman hater, even after having more women in his government than any previous administration. Again, am I the only one that thinks this is absurd?

Now if you do not support giving free birth control to women, you are at war with them. If you think it is immoral to kill babies by abortion you hate women. Obama said he was in favor of killing babies that survive botched abortions. Does that mean he is as war with babies? If you are not in favor of giving women free abortion pills, you hate them. Is this not stupid?

Since FDR, Eleanor and Obama hate war, Obama cannot go to war with ISIS -- all he can do is bomb them and call it by anything but what it is -- war.  By democrat standards you have to be a Republican to go to war on anything.

The “War on Women” is a farce and the news media that repeat democrat lies are willing accomplices to the lies.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What I Fear

What I fear most for our country is our Federal Government. We have a rogue President circumventing our laws, bureaucracies that are running wild and a Congress who cares about getting re-elected and not the people that elect them.

Our President is allowing a flood of illegal immigrants, including felons to come into our country for political reasons, not to help the immigrants or the country, but to keep the Democrat party in power. The President insists on rules of engagement for our military that gets young men killed. The soldiers cannot fire back when attacked, unless they are sure they will not hit anyone. The President is trying to right social wrongs instead of instilling fairness. His economic policies have put more people out of work than during the great depression of the 1940s. Then he spend our money on the progressive sham they called global warming, until everyone found out there was no global warming, then they started calling the sham climate change. If he claimed to hate the country, he would be more believable.

The EPA by itself is destroying our energy industry. Cheap energy has been the driver of American prosperity for the last one hundred years. The national police force called the Department of Homeland Security has become the environmental muscle for this administration. The Transportation Security Administration is in position to shut down travel in the country.

All Congress people are interested in is helping themselves. They spend billions of our money to keep themselves in office. When they leave office they move into lobbyist positions to keep the government money flowing to them.

I do not fear ISIS. I do not fear Russia. I do not fear China. I fear our Federal Government. Wake up people. We keep electing people to office that do not have our interests at heart. We the people are the only ones that can fix this problem.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Media Obfuscation

I do not think Democrats would ever get elected, if we had an honest news media. Major newspapers and networks distort the news and repeat lies to help progressive democrats. I am going to discuss three examples in this essay.

The tea party coverage was clearly biased. In a rally with over 10,000 people there were a few people with racially insensitive signs. The media focused on the few people with signs and ignored the speakers and 9,997 people that did not have racist signs. At future tea party rallies the democrats sent people out with racist signs and the media focused on the Democrats pretending to be tea party followers. The people were very open about their intent, but it was never published. Instead the tea party was branded as a racist organization. No one ever bothers to report that the KKK was mostly Democrats.

The government shutdown that took place a couple of years ago resulted in zero people losing their job and no government worker lost any pay. The White House directed all their departments to inflict as much pain as possible on the American people as possible, because they could blame everything on the Republicans. With the media willingness to leave out the truth about who caused the pain, the Obama administration was successful blaming Republicans for what they themselves had done.

The IRS scandal is an obvious cover-up. There is no doubt that Lois Learner broke the law by sharing information with other agencies. The worst part is when the House of Representatives investigation started, all of the computers that that might include Lois Lerner’s email content had their hard drives crash. We are up to ten individual computers, a Blackberry and an email archive computer. You would think the media would discover a pattern here, but they hide the story.

Without the media obfuscation and willingness to print lies, the Democrats would never win an election.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Government and Medicine

I read today’s headlines on the Drudge Report and I see Britain is pursuing a couple for taking their child out of the hospital against doctor’s orders. The couple fled to Spain to seek proton beam therapy for a child with a brain tumor. Proton beam therapy for brain tumors is not available in Britain. Britain’s response was to put out an arrest warrant for the family and Interpol arrested them in Spain. The child has been turned over to family services and hospitalized in Spain. A judge will decide whether to honor Britain’s extradition order.

This brings to mind the Justina Pelletier case. The Pelletier’s ordeal began in 2012 when Boston Children’s Hospital got the state of Massachusetts child services to take Justina away from her parents because the doctors in Boston had a different diagnosis than Justina’s doctor at Tufts Medical Center in Connecticut. Under Massachusetts law, by making Justina a ward of the state, Boston Children’s was allowed to use her for medical experiments against her will. Of course the family had no input and the foolish judge overseeing the case would not even let the Pelletier family discuss the case, so they could hide it from the media.

Think what precedent this sets. When Obamacare’s death panels rule against a life saving procedure, the government can pursue you across country borders. This can prevent you from saving your own life, because the procedure is outlawed by socialized medicine. Is this a medical system you would choose?