Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Education I

I have been concerned for a long time about the direction education is going in this country. My feeling is that students are being taught socialistic principles and protest mentality by teachers whose loyalty is to the teachers unions and no longer to the education of children. Students are being radicalized with intent. I think the Common Core curriculum has intent to condition our children to progressive beliefs that disregard and minimize our Constitution. I believe this educational path we are on is leading us to the downfall of the United States.

This downward trend is being exacerbated by the Federal Department of Education established during the Jimmy Carter administration. I think the original intent was noble, but instead of assuring every child gets a comparable good education, it has allowed the federal government to dictate what can be taught in schools. Like all progressive organizations, the Department of Education uses “nudge” technique to keep tweaking education in a socialist direction.

The biggest change in education has been in the way United States history is taught. I want children to be taught the truth, but not just part of the truth. When I was in school I was taught the United States was a noble country. Emphasis was primarily on the good things we have accomplished. There was a smattering of ignoble things we have done as a country. There is extensive literature available supporting both points of view, which I think is good for everyone. Now children are being taught only the ignoble parts of our history and ignoring the noble parts of our history.

Our colleges are training our young people to believe that socialism is preferable to capitalism. Further they are being taught Saul Alinsky tactics that he outlined in his book Rules for Radicals. These are basic communistic community organizer techniques employed by our President, Barack Obama and well entrenched in Hillary Clinton, who wants to be our next president. “Occupy Wall Street” is a direct result of this education. Protesters this week end at the global warming marches are anti business and a direct result of this education.

We must elect more conservatives to school board positions and kick out the progressive pseudo-academics. Have you ever noticed that hippie protestors of the 60s and 70s are educators in our colleges teaching our children?

If we keep electing these progressive radicals we are going to lose the opportunity to turn our educational system around. If we continue on this path, the United States will collapse. Obama has already removed us from being the major political and economic power in the world. Believe me, it can get worse.

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