Sunday, September 14, 2014

Government Spending

Through September 2014 the federal government has drawn in $2.66 trillion in taxes and went over budget by $589 billion. The level of spending our Federal Government is doing is unconscionable. The Department of Homeland Security has become the biggest police force in the world, The Environmental Protection Agency is shutting down our economy and trying to regulate rain water drain off from individual homesteads, the IRS and Department of Justice is running roughshod over our Constitution and using all the force of government to quiet political enemies of this administration. The Departments of Justice and Housing and Urban Development have set up agents in all major cities to sway elections in the name of social justice.

In Obama’s first year in office when democrats held both houses of Congress, they increased the budget by 25%. The next three years Harry Reid would not pass a budget which means we lived on continuing resolutions. This has increased the Federal budget to 40% more than it was when Obama was elected.

Then came the sequester which finally put a restraint on government spending. What happened next is appalling. In less than a year, Republicans and democrats alike got together to pass a budget that would nullify the sequester.

Congress passes laws that hurt the populace and exempt themselves and Congressional staff from having to obey the laws they made to suppress us. Obamacare is a prime example.

The only way to stop these people is to cut off the money. What can we do? Elect Congress people who will fight against big government. Invite your friends to join you in petitioning Congress to actually pass a budget that will reduce the deficit.

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