Friday, September 5, 2014

Media Obfuscation

I do not think Democrats would ever get elected, if we had an honest news media. Major newspapers and networks distort the news and repeat lies to help progressive democrats. I am going to discuss three examples in this essay.

The tea party coverage was clearly biased. In a rally with over 10,000 people there were a few people with racially insensitive signs. The media focused on the few people with signs and ignored the speakers and 9,997 people that did not have racist signs. At future tea party rallies the democrats sent people out with racist signs and the media focused on the Democrats pretending to be tea party followers. The people were very open about their intent, but it was never published. Instead the tea party was branded as a racist organization. No one ever bothers to report that the KKK was mostly Democrats.

The government shutdown that took place a couple of years ago resulted in zero people losing their job and no government worker lost any pay. The White House directed all their departments to inflict as much pain as possible on the American people as possible, because they could blame everything on the Republicans. With the media willingness to leave out the truth about who caused the pain, the Obama administration was successful blaming Republicans for what they themselves had done.

The IRS scandal is an obvious cover-up. There is no doubt that Lois Learner broke the law by sharing information with other agencies. The worst part is when the House of Representatives investigation started, all of the computers that that might include Lois Lerner’s email content had their hard drives crash. We are up to ten individual computers, a Blackberry and an email archive computer. You would think the media would discover a pattern here, but they hide the story.

Without the media obfuscation and willingness to print lies, the Democrats would never win an election.

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