Monday, September 22, 2014

Things I Believe

§      Belief is truth, until you know better.
§      A self-confident individual with a positive attitude is more powerful than a team of organized cynics.
§      Self-awareness is the most effective means to understanding others.
§      Assessments by people that control your progress guarantees misinformation.
§      Prejudice is normal; bigotry is unacceptable.
§      Bigots identify themselves by blaming.
§      People fail because they don’t know they do not have to.
§      Jumping to conclusions leads to embarrassment.
§      A good heart is more valuable than a good process.
§      Engineering techniques do not solve people problems.
§      More money is spent collecting data than saved.
§      Motivated individuals need direction, not help.
§      Improvement comes from knowledge, not training.
§      The value of salesmanship is misunderstood.
§      Inconsistent terminology multiplies confusion.
§      If you care, it’s important.
§      Everything is easy to those that see how.
§      What you do well today is more valuable than what you plan for tomorrow.
§      Vision and principals have more impact than plans and rules.
§      My true value to the world is what I do because of who I am.
§      Anticipation is more rewarding than achievement.
§      Doing one thing right is better than doing a lot of things with mediocrity.
§      The hardest part is communication, both with yourself and with others.
§      If you don’t think you can, you probably cannot.
§      Most barriers only exist in your mind.
§      Computers repeat errors faster than people.
§      Thoughts are usually limited by experience and training.
§      Doing nothing is a decision.
§      Class will out.
§      Whatever someone chooses to address gets attention.

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