Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What I Fear

What I fear most for our country is our Federal Government. We have a rogue President circumventing our laws, bureaucracies that are running wild and a Congress who cares about getting re-elected and not the people that elect them.

Our President is allowing a flood of illegal immigrants, including felons to come into our country for political reasons, not to help the immigrants or the country, but to keep the Democrat party in power. The President insists on rules of engagement for our military that gets young men killed. The soldiers cannot fire back when attacked, unless they are sure they will not hit anyone. The President is trying to right social wrongs instead of instilling fairness. His economic policies have put more people out of work than during the great depression of the 1940s. Then he spend our money on the progressive sham they called global warming, until everyone found out there was no global warming, then they started calling the sham climate change. If he claimed to hate the country, he would be more believable.

The EPA by itself is destroying our energy industry. Cheap energy has been the driver of American prosperity for the last one hundred years. The national police force called the Department of Homeland Security has become the environmental muscle for this administration. The Transportation Security Administration is in position to shut down travel in the country.

All Congress people are interested in is helping themselves. They spend billions of our money to keep themselves in office. When they leave office they move into lobbyist positions to keep the government money flowing to them.

I do not fear ISIS. I do not fear Russia. I do not fear China. I fear our Federal Government. Wake up people. We keep electing people to office that do not have our interests at heart. We the people are the only ones that can fix this problem.

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