Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Voter Fraud and Suppression

I saw another article today about voting machines in Annapolis, Maryland changing Republican votes to Democrat votes. To catch the change, the voter must look at the voter recap after they vote. How many people actually do that? Earlier this week there were voting machines in Chicago doing the same thing. The voting machine software in Chicago was different in the fact that the vote changed before your eyes. Add this to the voting machines in Las Vegas doing the same thing. All these states have one thing in common. They are run by Democrats who always claim the problem is voter machines being out of calibration. If this was random calibration errors, do you suppose a Democrat vote would get changed to Republican occasionally? That never happens. I think voter fraud is rampant and organized in Democrat controlled cities.

I also saw an article yesterday about a gentleman in Austin that has voted all his life and now cannot vote in this election because it is too hard to get a picture ID. I agree it is hard to get a picture ID in Texas and probably all other states. Is that not the point? Without a picture ID you do not know that the person voting is who they claim to be.

I want everyone one who is eligible to vote to have the opportunity to do so. But, I also want that person to cast only one vote in each election and do not want that individuals name to be used by another person to cast another vote. There may be a better way to assure this than a picture ID, but if so, no one has come up with it yet. If someone has a better idea, please make it known.

The research I have done leads me to believe that the picture ID laws may suppress votes in poor communities. My feeling is that we need a better means to assure voter integrity at the polling places than we have now, but until we can assure fairness in election judges we may be wasting our time with voter ID laws. I think the organized fraudulence of election machine bias is the bigger problem. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Republican Election Fraud?

I have a good friend that tells me Republicans are the fraudsters in elections. Personally, I see a lot of evidence of Democrat fraudsters and many Democrats get convicted of election fraud. Am I missing the boat here? Can anyone enlighten me and let me know if you find any instances of organized election fraud by Republicans.

He also tells me that Republicans are scaring people to make them vote for Republicans over Democrats. Does anyone feel fear when you listen to Republicans speak? He specifically referred to Ted Cruz scaring people. Have any of my readers been scared by Ted Cruz? Let me know, I would like to find out the truth.

I hear a lot of Democrats talking about a Republican “War on Women” which is intended to scare women into voting for Democrats. I hear a lot of Democrats calling Republican “Islamophobes”. Isn’t the intent of this to keep Republicans from talking about Obama’s preferential treatment of Muslims? I hear Democrats all the time saying that Republicans are anti-immigrant. Is this not intended to scare our Hispanic population into voting for Democrats?

Help me. Am I missing something?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Midterm Election Warning

If you are a Republican, do not get too excited about the upcoming election. According to all the polls it appears that the Republicans will retake the Senate. My predication is we will end up with 49 Republicans, 49 Democrats and 2 Independents who caucus with the Democrats.

What you do not get with the polls is how many illegal votes get cast. You also do not get expected turnout. I think the pollsters have had their algorithms wrong since Obama started running for his second term as President. With the budgets he got Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to pass, they had enough money for the taxpayers to fund the Democrat community organizing effort to win the election.

It did not help that conservatives would not show up to vote for Romney, but he would have lost anyway. The Democrat Party under Obama’s guidance has learned to turned the government against the people. With Harry Reid's help by changing Senate rules, they have managed to stack the courts with left-wing judges that will continue to overrule the people. Now they can win elections in ways the pollsters will take years to understand. Add to that the fact that Obama is ushering in scads of Democrat voters, the Democrats are virtually assured all national races in the future.

Voter fraud will be rampant in this election.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Our 50th Wedding Anniversary

In June 1964 I returned home from South Korea where I spent my last year of service in the U.S. Army. I moved back home with my parents and began thinking about how to reengage in civilian life. I bought a 1960 powder blue Ford Fairlane six cylinder, four door sedan for $600 -- money I saved while in the Army. I started off earning $78 per month and by the time I got out of the Army, I was probably making about $325 a month, which includes base pay and proficiency pay.

After being home for a month or so and still not sure what I wanted to do with myself, I asked my sister, who had just graduated high school, to introduce me to some of her friends. And that is how I met Kathi. This was around August first. Kathi and I went out the next night and have been an item ever since.

Kathi had just graduated Pasadena High School and already had a job working for Prudential Insurance on Holcomb Street in Houston. She started school when she was five so she graduated at 17 years old. She could not drive, so her dad took her to work each morning on his way to work.

Kathi and I began discussing marriage and set the date for October 23, 1964. Since Kathi was not yet 18 her father had to sign for us to get a marriage license.

We got married at Kathi’s family home in Pasadena and after the wedding we went home to the Spacefield Apartments, where we rented a one bedroom apartment a few days before.

After less than three months of courtship and plenty of growing up still to come, we managed to make it to fifty years together. We take pride in our two sons, AJ and Christopher, even when they are a challenge. We are also proud of our education and work histories. Nowadays Kathi and I live in an RV and spend 95% of our time less than 30 feet apart. I feel so lucky to have Kathi in my life.  

Me with Sheila in the foreground

Ma. & Mrs. Clark with Kathi and I

Kathi and Arlon

The minister that married us

Posing for the camera

The love of my life

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I read that Obama said that voter IDs would not affect Black voter turnout because ministers in Black churches are asking parishioners to request ballots for early voting and voting in blocs during church services. Personally, I think this is great. I think all citizens have a civic responsibility to vote. Further, I think citizens have a moral obligation to educate themselves about the candidates and issues so they can be informed voters.

If you vote Republican or Democrat because that is what you have always done, you are not an informed voter. If you vote for a candidate because of his hair style, profession, color, or good looks you are not an informed voter. If you vote for an incumbent because you know their name better, you are not an informed voter.

Most all candidates stretch the truth about their qualifications and try to hide beliefs they do not think the public supports. That is good salesmanship and is how everyone sells themself. I do not object to this. I do object to outright lies and intentional deception, because I think these actions speak about a person’s character. I will not vote for any candidate that has no character. I also do not like candidates that tell different stories to different groups. You cannot trust a person that has no convictions.

Back to the churches and voting. The first thing that comes to most people’s mind is the separation of church and state. I think this is an absurd argument. Churches and pastors should be about character development. I think if pastors guide you to vote for people with no character, you should change pastors. The church-state argument is way overboard in this country. Our Constitution has been misinterpreted in this area for over 100 years. The intent of our founders was that the Federal Government would not impose a religion upon the populace. How does a pastor talking about voting have any impact on what the government does? It does not.

Voting is good. Informed voting is better. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Voter Fraud

I think the Democrats in this country have organized voter fraud. I think they cheat at every election. I think a Republican candidate has to be ahead by at least six percentage points to win in some states. I think the fraud hovers around 5% which makes catching voter fraud difficult.

Remember how many dead people used to vote for Lyndon Johnson?

Remember the Bush-Gore election in 2000, when they had hanging chads in Florida and the Florida Secretary of State made election rulings against the Democrats? Before the next election cycle, George Soros spent a ton of money supporting Democrat Secretary of State candidates, so a Democrat would make election decisions in close elections.

In Nevada, they have union labor that repairs voting machines. Remember in 2010 all the reports of voter machines showing up with counters already showing votes for Harry Reid? Remember all the complaints in Nevada because many people voted for a Republican candidate and the votes showed up for Harry Reid? They had a Democrat Secretary of State that did nothing to investigate the fraud.

Remember the 2008 election in Minnesota where Norm Coleman was ahead on election day and the Democrat Secretary of State allowed late votes to be counted up to three months after the election until they finally counted enough for Al Franken to win?

Remember when they had the Scott Walker recall election in Wisconsin and in some inner-city precincts more people voted than had registered to vote?

We have had voter fraud convictions in almost every state and many more voter fraud cases the Democrat Attorney Generals will not prosecute. The Democrats are in lock-step saying there is no voter fraud.

Last week we had a Federal Judge in Texas, Nelva Gonzales Ramos, an Obama appointee throw out a voter ID law claiming it was a poll tax. Now I know a tax is money and getting an ID is not money. We have Democrats all over the country fighting hard against people having an ID to vote. Now we have judges inventing non-existent taxes to prevent states from having fair elections. I think this is a wide ranging conspiracy by the Democrats to steal all close elections.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Enterovirus D68

While everyone is focused on Ebola, which has caused one death in the USA, Enterovirus D68 has infected about 600 children, caused one child’s death and caused partial paralysis in approximately fifty other children. The CDC is making every effort to keep the public from finding out that Enterovirus D68 was brought into the country by children Obama escorted in across our southern border from countries south of Mexico.

Enterovirus D68 causes wheezing, coughing, weakness, numbness and tingling sensations in it’s victims. Some partial paralysis and death may occur if prompt, proper treatment is not given.

Ebola may be scary and causing panic, but Enterovirus D68 may be just as serious.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Spin Doctor

If I was a Democrat President, I would hire the best spin doctor I could find to assure the American people that I am protecting them from Ebola. That’s exactly what Obama did. Ron Klain is a political operative, translated to mean spin doctor. If I was a Republican President I would get an actual medical doctor already in my administration to manage the Ebola crisis.

Obama has someone in his administration whose job is to be sure the country is prepared for an outbreak of a contagious disease. Her name is Dr. Nicole Laurie, an assistant secretary in the Department of Health and Human Services. Why did Obama not appoint her? The reason is, instead of preparing to protect this country from Ebola, she redirected her Ebola budget to a big donor to the Democrat party. Yes we actually had money set aside to stockpile medicine to protect us from an Ebola outbreak and this administration chose to give the money to their friends.

There has been a lot of noise about the Administration’s refusal to stop flying people in from Ebola stricken countries. The reason they will not address this issue is that beginning in August 2014 the Administration started expediting visas for people coming to the United States from Ebola stricken countries.

Folks, this president has no interest in protecting the American people. His only interest is assuring the Democrat party keeps getting elected so they keep the power in this country. He is using our tax money to accomplish this result, no matter how many Americans die in the process.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Presidential Candidate's Platform

I am only going to run one campaign. If I am reelected by popular demand, it will be because my policies are working, not because I campaigned to be reelected.

My main job is to defend this country and its people. I will reevaluate State Department gifts to other nations and use the funds only to support our friends. This country will stop supporting our enemies. Threats to this country will be diminished and eliminated by humanitarian or military means as necessary.

I will ask businesses to have faith in me and my ability to generate an atmosphere that is favorable to  job creation. I will ask businesses to demonstrate their faith by using the funds being hoarded to put people back to work at more generous than reasonable wages to restore faith to the middle class in this country.

I will try and restore the relationship with Canada, damaged by the XL Pipeline political disaster. I will build the pipeline.

I will put a freeze on federal government hiring for two years, then I will reevaluate the need for the freeze to continue. There will be no exceptions. Existing workers with appropriate skills may be reassigned to fill vacancies as needs arise.

I will work with Congress to pass a budget that cuts government spending 10% in the first year and additional one percent per year for the next three years. Excess funds will be used to lower the deficit.

I will work with Congress to pass a comprehensive immigration bill that will secure the border, put limits on legal immigration that meets business demand and issue appropriate guest worker ID cards that meets business demand and considers individual applicant’s situation.

I will deport undocumented individuals that commit felonies in this country. If a deportee for cause returns to this country they will automatically spend the maximum time incarcerated for the felony they committed.

I will work with Congress to modify Social Security laws that makes the agency solvent for future generations.

I will work with Congress to initiate legislation that removes executive power from the EPA. They must not be allowed to enforce their own rules.

I will insist that Congress initiate legislation that assures Congress and their staff obey and live by the laws they create.  

I will insist all cabinet secretaries reporting to me to actively look for ways to reduce the unnecessary functions they perform and eliminate the unnecessary workforce these unneeded functions require.

I will work with state governors to get their legislatures to initiate a constitutional amendment for term limits for Congress.

I will work with Congress to reduce corporate taxes to make our companies competitive in the world.

I will get Congress to pass a fair tax code for individuals that will work for many generations. Everyone should have the opportunity to support their government. No one with income will be excluded from paying taxes. Individuals and families with income below three times the poverty level will have their tax capped at one percent. All others will be taxed at the same rate regardless of income. The rate will be determined by Congress and the Congressional Budget Office.  Deductions for interest on homes will be limited to a $50,000 deduction. There will be no other deductions or exclusions.

I will get Congress to repeal the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 which puts a financial burden on private companies making them less competitive.

I would eliminate the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau created by the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010. It has had the opposite effect that it was intended to accomplish and duplicates the bureaucracy of other agencies that have the same powers.

Neither me nor my staff will campaign in support or opposition of abortion, gay marriage or immigration in this country, other than what is stated above, during my term of office.

I will try and convince environmentalists that the only solution to saving the earth is a thriving economy in the United States that had funding to implement environmental initiatives.

I will get Congress to address the issues created by the Affordable Care Act. They will come up with a bi-partisan solution that is better than what we had before and after this bad law was enacted.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Criminal or Terrorist?

I hear radio and talk show personalities and TV news commentators arguing all the time about whether a person is an Islamic terrorist or commits workplace violence when they kill one or more people in the workplace while quoting Islamic sayings or scripture. I think the arguments are a waste of time. Democrats and progressives are trying to help Obama downplay terrorism with all their breath, while Republicans and conservatives are trying to make the administration admit Al Queda is not diminished and demoralized. Who really cares about the semantics?

Obama is going to be right and will not change his stance on terrorism. Republicans are not going to stop hounding him, trying to make him admit he is wrong by not recognizing terrorism at home. Obama is still trying to convince everyone that conservatives are the terrorists. Who cares?

As long as the perpetrators are punished by a criminal court or a tribunal, I do not care where they are tried. It is not worth the arguments and takes away airtime from other issues that may still have a chance for resolution. Let us use our time more wisely by arguing about things that matter.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Characterization of Republicans

How do Republicans get characterized as the party of the rich?

How do Republicans get characterized as the party of old white men?

How to Republicans get characterized as racists?

How do Republicans get characterized as women haters?

The reason Republicans are defined this way is because they never define themselves. Republicans always allow Democrats to define them. And Democrats are united and vocal to repeat the party line and they get media support. Have you ever noticed that when a mischaracterization by a Democrat is stated and published, all other Democrats start saying the same thing? They repeat the mischaracterizations so often that it becomes history and they start teaching it in school.

Obama and the Democrats spent six solid months mischaracterizing Romney before the last election before Romney even started to define himself. By then it was too late.

If you watch any of the “people on the street” interviews you find out one thing that is universal with Democrats -- they only listen to other Democrats. You seldom hear anyone complain about Rush Limbaugh that ever listens to Rush Limbaugh. You seldom hear anyone criticize Fox News that actually watches Fox News.    

Obama goes around the country collecting money from donors paying $3,000 to $4,000 for a dinner plate, while coaxing them to give money to Democrats and tells them the Republicans are the party of the rich. Go figure.

The Republican Party is open to everyone -- no one is ever turned away. Republicans want everyone to have an opportunity to improve their life, not just their political allies. You see Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Women, Gays and old white men at Republican events. Not so many Blacks -- by their own choice.

Republicans get on TV and they tell you what they think as individuals. After they say it, no one remembers and no one cares. Republicans need to learn messaging from the Democrats. First you decide what the message is, then everyone that gets an opportunity to speak to the media relates the same message. Republicans have a major obstacle that does not encumber the Democrats. Republicans  always insist on their message being the truth.      

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Government Bonuses

Do you remember when no one begrudged government employees having good retirement benefits because they usually made less money during their career than they could get in private sector jobs? I do remember.

I read an article in “The Blaze” today about government employee’s bonuses. Now we have a real switch in what used to be an equitable system. Not only do government employees make more money than private sector workers doing equivalent jobs, they often get retirement pay that is more than they made while working. Now on top of that, they get bonuses for failure. Bonuses have become rewards for hiding the truth about corruption from the public.

If you are really good at hiding the corruption, you can even get a lifetime job working directly for one of the political parties. You can call them lobbyists if you wish, but they are paid to get our tax money from the government to finance politicians.

Incentive bonuses do not incentivize anyone. All they do is assure corruption is mandatory.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Killing States Rights

When our Constitution was written the government created was a Federal Republic. Federalism means you have a central government, with individual states being self-governed. Republic means we elect the people that represent us. The Tenth Amendment, part of the Bill or Rights said that all powers not given to the Federal Government by the Constitution belong to the states. One of the ways the states were able to keep their power was by having state legislatures elect Senators to the United States Congress.

Progressives saw this as a hindrance to their power. They began in 1828 trying to amend the Constitution to have Senators elected by popular vote, instead of having them appointed by state legislatures. They tried again in 1829 and 1855. By the 1900s the movement to wrest control away from the states was at a fever pitch. Finally in 1912 with the help of the progressive Secretary of State, William Jennings Bryant and the Father of Progressivism, Woodrow Wilson Amendment 17 was passed by Congress and ratified by states.

Now we are getting the full benefit of the progressive ideas. No matter what people in the states can get on the ballot, their votes do not matter. Federal Judges are now making laws by overruling what the people indicate they want via the ballot box.

The headlines yesterday were about the Supreme Court not taking up the issue of gay marriage. The effect of this was letting the ruling of District Courts stand. Those rulings basically said the states have no right to forbid gay marriage. Gay marriage is not an issue with me. If gay people want to marry one another it is okay with me. This is just one instance where the federal government overrules state governments. What I object to is that what the majority of people want no longer matters.

In this document you can see the persistence of the progressives to get their way. The result is the District courts are stacked with progressives. The EPA uses Homeland Security forces to implement their edicts. The IRS is allowed to punish political enemies. The Justice Department is racist. Obamacare is eradicating the best medical care in the world. Dodd-Frank caused the rate for credit to increase. Gasoline prices are triple what they were six years ago.

Personally, I do not want any more progressives helping me. Remember, Hillary is a born again, die-hard progressive and she is next.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Illegal or Undocumented

I heard Nancy Pelosi during a press conference the other day correct a questioner several times. Each time the reporter asked about illegal aliens, Nancy Pelosi corrected the reporter making it clear she wanted them to be called undocumented workers, not illegal aliens.

The only people I have heard using the term “undocumented workers” are people that want amnesty for illegal aliens. Why would anyone need amnesty for not being documented? This is supposed to be politically correct language that hides the fact that we have a lot of people in the United States that got here by breaking our immigration laws. No one can deny this fact.

I do not blame any of the people that got here illegally for what they have done. There are many reasons they do what they do and why many people that live in the United States want them here. That is okay with me. 

The problem we have is with our government. The President will not enforce the law, thus Republican congress people do not trust that any new immigration law would be fairly enforced. It is difficult to get anything done in any situation where you cannot trust the party you are negotiating with. If we had a President that upheld and enforced our laws, writing new immigration law would become easy and all the rhetoric we hear about illegal or undocumented would be moot.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Civil Unrest

This post makes me sound like a kook and a conspiracy theorist, but read the entire post before you conclude that is the case. The question is worth asking.

I think Barack Obama may be trying to create a dictatorship the way Fidel Castro did in Cuba and the way Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela. First they introduced policies that created problems for their countries, and then proposed themselves as the only solution to the problems.

Am I the only one concerned that Barack Obama is intentionally creating dissension in the county? He and Eric Holder have been race baiting the country for six years trying to keep racial tensions high. Obama is flooding the country with immigrants coming in basically unchecked for health hazards, which has already created an epidemic across the country. This has set up a battle between law and order people and Hispanics that want an open border with Mexico. Obama has raised tensions all over the world and appears inept to manage them.

Obama is using executive orders that make him look lawless. His policies continue to drive people out of the work force. The rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. This has set the table for anarchy.

Van Jones claims to have groups across the country ready to hit the streets. Remember Van Jones. He is the radical that started off in the White House when Obama took office and left because he thought 9-11 was an inside job. Riots in the streets all over the country would be a good excuse for Obama to suspend elections in 2016. Obama looks inept, but maybe he really is as smart as Valerie Jarrett says he is. Maybe he has just hides his true intent very well.

Do not stop thinking when you finish reading this. Think for yourself. Is this a possibility?

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Washington Redskins

Today the FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler stated he is looking for ways to keep broadcasters from saying Redskins on the airways. Can you believe this? Here in the United States we have a vendetta started by five Native Americans trying to get the Washington Redskins to change their name, although the majority of Native Americans realize the Redskins name honors them.

This time around it started with Obama announcing the name Washington Redskins was disparaging Native Americans. Earlier this year the patent office revoked the Washington Redskins trademarks. I think the Washington Redskins held five separate patents.

This is a vindictive administration. I have not heard for sure, but I bet money the Department of Justice is trying to find a way to enforce Obama’s will whether illegal or not. You know the Washington Redskins are under IRS scrutiny. I repeat, this is a vindictive administration. Community Organizing 101 -- use all the tools you have to diminish your target.

The FCC is just the latest salvo in this battle. Personally, I am tired of idiots telling me what is okay for me to say. We need to stand up for each other in the freedom of speech arena. The FCC cannot be allowed to tell us what word we can use. This extra-legal administration needs to be stopped from being the word police.