Saturday, October 11, 2014

Characterization of Republicans

How do Republicans get characterized as the party of the rich?

How do Republicans get characterized as the party of old white men?

How to Republicans get characterized as racists?

How do Republicans get characterized as women haters?

The reason Republicans are defined this way is because they never define themselves. Republicans always allow Democrats to define them. And Democrats are united and vocal to repeat the party line and they get media support. Have you ever noticed that when a mischaracterization by a Democrat is stated and published, all other Democrats start saying the same thing? They repeat the mischaracterizations so often that it becomes history and they start teaching it in school.

Obama and the Democrats spent six solid months mischaracterizing Romney before the last election before Romney even started to define himself. By then it was too late.

If you watch any of the “people on the street” interviews you find out one thing that is universal with Democrats -- they only listen to other Democrats. You seldom hear anyone complain about Rush Limbaugh that ever listens to Rush Limbaugh. You seldom hear anyone criticize Fox News that actually watches Fox News.    

Obama goes around the country collecting money from donors paying $3,000 to $4,000 for a dinner plate, while coaxing them to give money to Democrats and tells them the Republicans are the party of the rich. Go figure.

The Republican Party is open to everyone -- no one is ever turned away. Republicans want everyone to have an opportunity to improve their life, not just their political allies. You see Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Women, Gays and old white men at Republican events. Not so many Blacks -- by their own choice.

Republicans get on TV and they tell you what they think as individuals. After they say it, no one remembers and no one cares. Republicans need to learn messaging from the Democrats. First you decide what the message is, then everyone that gets an opportunity to speak to the media relates the same message. Republicans have a major obstacle that does not encumber the Democrats. Republicans  always insist on their message being the truth.      

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