Friday, October 3, 2014

Civil Unrest

This post makes me sound like a kook and a conspiracy theorist, but read the entire post before you conclude that is the case. The question is worth asking.

I think Barack Obama may be trying to create a dictatorship the way Fidel Castro did in Cuba and the way Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela. First they introduced policies that created problems for their countries, and then proposed themselves as the only solution to the problems.

Am I the only one concerned that Barack Obama is intentionally creating dissension in the county? He and Eric Holder have been race baiting the country for six years trying to keep racial tensions high. Obama is flooding the country with immigrants coming in basically unchecked for health hazards, which has already created an epidemic across the country. This has set up a battle between law and order people and Hispanics that want an open border with Mexico. Obama has raised tensions all over the world and appears inept to manage them.

Obama is using executive orders that make him look lawless. His policies continue to drive people out of the work force. The rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. This has set the table for anarchy.

Van Jones claims to have groups across the country ready to hit the streets. Remember Van Jones. He is the radical that started off in the White House when Obama took office and left because he thought 9-11 was an inside job. Riots in the streets all over the country would be a good excuse for Obama to suspend elections in 2016. Obama looks inept, but maybe he really is as smart as Valerie Jarrett says he is. Maybe he has just hides his true intent very well.

Do not stop thinking when you finish reading this. Think for yourself. Is this a possibility?

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