Monday, October 13, 2014

Criminal or Terrorist?

I hear radio and talk show personalities and TV news commentators arguing all the time about whether a person is an Islamic terrorist or commits workplace violence when they kill one or more people in the workplace while quoting Islamic sayings or scripture. I think the arguments are a waste of time. Democrats and progressives are trying to help Obama downplay terrorism with all their breath, while Republicans and conservatives are trying to make the administration admit Al Queda is not diminished and demoralized. Who really cares about the semantics?

Obama is going to be right and will not change his stance on terrorism. Republicans are not going to stop hounding him, trying to make him admit he is wrong by not recognizing terrorism at home. Obama is still trying to convince everyone that conservatives are the terrorists. Who cares?

As long as the perpetrators are punished by a criminal court or a tribunal, I do not care where they are tried. It is not worth the arguments and takes away airtime from other issues that may still have a chance for resolution. Let us use our time more wisely by arguing about things that matter.

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