Thursday, October 9, 2014

Government Bonuses

Do you remember when no one begrudged government employees having good retirement benefits because they usually made less money during their career than they could get in private sector jobs? I do remember.

I read an article in “The Blaze” today about government employee’s bonuses. Now we have a real switch in what used to be an equitable system. Not only do government employees make more money than private sector workers doing equivalent jobs, they often get retirement pay that is more than they made while working. Now on top of that, they get bonuses for failure. Bonuses have become rewards for hiding the truth about corruption from the public.

If you are really good at hiding the corruption, you can even get a lifetime job working directly for one of the political parties. You can call them lobbyists if you wish, but they are paid to get our tax money from the government to finance politicians.

Incentive bonuses do not incentivize anyone. All they do is assure corruption is mandatory.

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