Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Killing States Rights

When our Constitution was written the government created was a Federal Republic. Federalism means you have a central government, with individual states being self-governed. Republic means we elect the people that represent us. The Tenth Amendment, part of the Bill or Rights said that all powers not given to the Federal Government by the Constitution belong to the states. One of the ways the states were able to keep their power was by having state legislatures elect Senators to the United States Congress.

Progressives saw this as a hindrance to their power. They began in 1828 trying to amend the Constitution to have Senators elected by popular vote, instead of having them appointed by state legislatures. They tried again in 1829 and 1855. By the 1900s the movement to wrest control away from the states was at a fever pitch. Finally in 1912 with the help of the progressive Secretary of State, William Jennings Bryant and the Father of Progressivism, Woodrow Wilson Amendment 17 was passed by Congress and ratified by states.

Now we are getting the full benefit of the progressive ideas. No matter what people in the states can get on the ballot, their votes do not matter. Federal Judges are now making laws by overruling what the people indicate they want via the ballot box.

The headlines yesterday were about the Supreme Court not taking up the issue of gay marriage. The effect of this was letting the ruling of District Courts stand. Those rulings basically said the states have no right to forbid gay marriage. Gay marriage is not an issue with me. If gay people want to marry one another it is okay with me. This is just one instance where the federal government overrules state governments. What I object to is that what the majority of people want no longer matters.

In this document you can see the persistence of the progressives to get their way. The result is the District courts are stacked with progressives. The EPA uses Homeland Security forces to implement their edicts. The IRS is allowed to punish political enemies. The Justice Department is racist. Obamacare is eradicating the best medical care in the world. Dodd-Frank caused the rate for credit to increase. Gasoline prices are triple what they were six years ago.

Personally, I do not want any more progressives helping me. Remember, Hillary is a born again, die-hard progressive and she is next.

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