Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Presidential Candidate's Platform

I am only going to run one campaign. If I am reelected by popular demand, it will be because my policies are working, not because I campaigned to be reelected.

My main job is to defend this country and its people. I will reevaluate State Department gifts to other nations and use the funds only to support our friends. This country will stop supporting our enemies. Threats to this country will be diminished and eliminated by humanitarian or military means as necessary.

I will ask businesses to have faith in me and my ability to generate an atmosphere that is favorable to  job creation. I will ask businesses to demonstrate their faith by using the funds being hoarded to put people back to work at more generous than reasonable wages to restore faith to the middle class in this country.

I will try and restore the relationship with Canada, damaged by the XL Pipeline political disaster. I will build the pipeline.

I will put a freeze on federal government hiring for two years, then I will reevaluate the need for the freeze to continue. There will be no exceptions. Existing workers with appropriate skills may be reassigned to fill vacancies as needs arise.

I will work with Congress to pass a budget that cuts government spending 10% in the first year and additional one percent per year for the next three years. Excess funds will be used to lower the deficit.

I will work with Congress to pass a comprehensive immigration bill that will secure the border, put limits on legal immigration that meets business demand and issue appropriate guest worker ID cards that meets business demand and considers individual applicant’s situation.

I will deport undocumented individuals that commit felonies in this country. If a deportee for cause returns to this country they will automatically spend the maximum time incarcerated for the felony they committed.

I will work with Congress to modify Social Security laws that makes the agency solvent for future generations.

I will work with Congress to initiate legislation that removes executive power from the EPA. They must not be allowed to enforce their own rules.

I will insist that Congress initiate legislation that assures Congress and their staff obey and live by the laws they create.  

I will insist all cabinet secretaries reporting to me to actively look for ways to reduce the unnecessary functions they perform and eliminate the unnecessary workforce these unneeded functions require.

I will work with state governors to get their legislatures to initiate a constitutional amendment for term limits for Congress.

I will work with Congress to reduce corporate taxes to make our companies competitive in the world.

I will get Congress to pass a fair tax code for individuals that will work for many generations. Everyone should have the opportunity to support their government. No one with income will be excluded from paying taxes. Individuals and families with income below three times the poverty level will have their tax capped at one percent. All others will be taxed at the same rate regardless of income. The rate will be determined by Congress and the Congressional Budget Office.  Deductions for interest on homes will be limited to a $50,000 deduction. There will be no other deductions or exclusions.

I will get Congress to repeal the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 which puts a financial burden on private companies making them less competitive.

I would eliminate the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau created by the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010. It has had the opposite effect that it was intended to accomplish and duplicates the bureaucracy of other agencies that have the same powers.

Neither me nor my staff will campaign in support or opposition of abortion, gay marriage or immigration in this country, other than what is stated above, during my term of office.

I will try and convince environmentalists that the only solution to saving the earth is a thriving economy in the United States that had funding to implement environmental initiatives.

I will get Congress to address the issues created by the Affordable Care Act. They will come up with a bi-partisan solution that is better than what we had before and after this bad law was enacted.

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  1. you have my vote as I know when you say you are going to do something, it get's done.