Monday, October 27, 2014

Republican Election Fraud?

I have a good friend that tells me Republicans are the fraudsters in elections. Personally, I see a lot of evidence of Democrat fraudsters and many Democrats get convicted of election fraud. Am I missing the boat here? Can anyone enlighten me and let me know if you find any instances of organized election fraud by Republicans.

He also tells me that Republicans are scaring people to make them vote for Republicans over Democrats. Does anyone feel fear when you listen to Republicans speak? He specifically referred to Ted Cruz scaring people. Have any of my readers been scared by Ted Cruz? Let me know, I would like to find out the truth.

I hear a lot of Democrats talking about a Republican “War on Women” which is intended to scare women into voting for Democrats. I hear a lot of Democrats calling Republican “Islamophobes”. Isn’t the intent of this to keep Republicans from talking about Obama’s preferential treatment of Muslims? I hear Democrats all the time saying that Republicans are anti-immigrant. Is this not intended to scare our Hispanic population into voting for Democrats?

Help me. Am I missing something?

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