Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Voter Fraud and Suppression

I saw another article today about voting machines in Annapolis, Maryland changing Republican votes to Democrat votes. To catch the change, the voter must look at the voter recap after they vote. How many people actually do that? Earlier this week there were voting machines in Chicago doing the same thing. The voting machine software in Chicago was different in the fact that the vote changed before your eyes. Add this to the voting machines in Las Vegas doing the same thing. All these states have one thing in common. They are run by Democrats who always claim the problem is voter machines being out of calibration. If this was random calibration errors, do you suppose a Democrat vote would get changed to Republican occasionally? That never happens. I think voter fraud is rampant and organized in Democrat controlled cities.

I also saw an article yesterday about a gentleman in Austin that has voted all his life and now cannot vote in this election because it is too hard to get a picture ID. I agree it is hard to get a picture ID in Texas and probably all other states. Is that not the point? Without a picture ID you do not know that the person voting is who they claim to be.

I want everyone one who is eligible to vote to have the opportunity to do so. But, I also want that person to cast only one vote in each election and do not want that individuals name to be used by another person to cast another vote. There may be a better way to assure this than a picture ID, but if so, no one has come up with it yet. If someone has a better idea, please make it known.

The research I have done leads me to believe that the picture ID laws may suppress votes in poor communities. My feeling is that we need a better means to assure voter integrity at the polling places than we have now, but until we can assure fairness in election judges we may be wasting our time with voter ID laws. I think the organized fraudulence of election machine bias is the bigger problem. 

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