Monday, October 20, 2014

Voter Fraud

I think the Democrats in this country have organized voter fraud. I think they cheat at every election. I think a Republican candidate has to be ahead by at least six percentage points to win in some states. I think the fraud hovers around 5% which makes catching voter fraud difficult.

Remember how many dead people used to vote for Lyndon Johnson?

Remember the Bush-Gore election in 2000, when they had hanging chads in Florida and the Florida Secretary of State made election rulings against the Democrats? Before the next election cycle, George Soros spent a ton of money supporting Democrat Secretary of State candidates, so a Democrat would make election decisions in close elections.

In Nevada, they have union labor that repairs voting machines. Remember in 2010 all the reports of voter machines showing up with counters already showing votes for Harry Reid? Remember all the complaints in Nevada because many people voted for a Republican candidate and the votes showed up for Harry Reid? They had a Democrat Secretary of State that did nothing to investigate the fraud.

Remember the 2008 election in Minnesota where Norm Coleman was ahead on election day and the Democrat Secretary of State allowed late votes to be counted up to three months after the election until they finally counted enough for Al Franken to win?

Remember when they had the Scott Walker recall election in Wisconsin and in some inner-city precincts more people voted than had registered to vote?

We have had voter fraud convictions in almost every state and many more voter fraud cases the Democrat Attorney Generals will not prosecute. The Democrats are in lock-step saying there is no voter fraud.

Last week we had a Federal Judge in Texas, Nelva Gonzales Ramos, an Obama appointee throw out a voter ID law claiming it was a poll tax. Now I know a tax is money and getting an ID is not money. We have Democrats all over the country fighting hard against people having an ID to vote. Now we have judges inventing non-existent taxes to prevent states from having fair elections. I think this is a wide ranging conspiracy by the Democrats to steal all close elections.

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