Thursday, October 2, 2014

Washington Redskins

Today the FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler stated he is looking for ways to keep broadcasters from saying Redskins on the airways. Can you believe this? Here in the United States we have a vendetta started by five Native Americans trying to get the Washington Redskins to change their name, although the majority of Native Americans realize the Redskins name honors them.

This time around it started with Obama announcing the name Washington Redskins was disparaging Native Americans. Earlier this year the patent office revoked the Washington Redskins trademarks. I think the Washington Redskins held five separate patents.

This is a vindictive administration. I have not heard for sure, but I bet money the Department of Justice is trying to find a way to enforce Obama’s will whether illegal or not. You know the Washington Redskins are under IRS scrutiny. I repeat, this is a vindictive administration. Community Organizing 101 -- use all the tools you have to diminish your target.

The FCC is just the latest salvo in this battle. Personally, I am tired of idiots telling me what is okay for me to say. We need to stand up for each other in the freedom of speech arena. The FCC cannot be allowed to tell us what word we can use. This extra-legal administration needs to be stopped from being the word police.

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