Sunday, November 30, 2014

Darkness on Television

I remember when I was a kid watching western movies they always talked about taking off at sunrise. When sunrise came it was always broad daylight. I think movie directors knew it was not sunrise, but they also knew if they filmed in the dark, no one could see their production.

Today we have so many movies and TV shows filmed in the dark that I cannot tell what is going on. I would prefer to see the characters acting in actual light and imagine them being in the dark. On CSI they walk through houses and apartment rooms carrying flashlights. Why doesn’t someone turn on the light switch? Remember when directors used to say, “Lights, camera, action.” What do they say now? “Cameras.” I think that is all they need to say. They use multiple cameras to shoot dark scenes no one can see. I do not understand why the actors do not complain about their good sides not being filmed.

Maybe my eyesight is dimming and maybe my cathode ray tube is weak -- yes we still have cathode ray tube TVs in our motorhome. But I am still making this an official complaint. Stop filming in the dark. Tell me it is dark and I will allow my imagination to believe it. I would like to see the action I am missing by directors making scenes as realistic as possible.

I remember when I heard “The Shadow” on the radio, I could visualize the darkness. Remember “The Whistler”? He was always whistling in the dark and I could visualize it.

Do directors think we are too stupid to use our imagination today? If so, I want some new directors. “Lights, please.”

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ferguson Effect

We have a sad situation in this country. We have a people that are continuously told that they are suppressed and repressed and they believe it. It may be true, but it also may not be true. Take the incident in Ferguson, Missouri when a white policeman shot a black teen age boy and the impact it had on the community. The people that are told they are repressed destroy their own neighborhoods and blame other people for it. Is it the fault of a suppressor that gets out of your way while you burn your own businesses? Is it the fault of an oppressor that people steal from their neighbors? Is it the fault of the store clerk that obviously enjoyed being shoved around so the theft could be enacted? Is it the fault of a police officer who had to defend himself against an obviously bigger and stronger aggressor? Is it the fault of the prosecutor that the evidence did not support the outcome the rioters wanted?

Many people made up their mind to what happened then constructed stories to support what they wanted to believe. No matter how much proof, it would not have been enough. Hate mongers got protesters to stage riots in many cities in the county. That makes me wonder, who is suppressing the rioters. The establishment politicians and policemen who are keeping most people safe get the blame for the hatred instilled in the rioters by people that profit from stirring up the hate.

I agree that many people are suppressed, but I think they are suppressed by their own. The charlatans that goad them into violence and the Democrat Party that assures they get free stuff for a vote. These rioters do not care about the truth; they only want an outcome that fits the narrative they have been taught since birth.

Now, the protesters have joined with union representatives to continue their protest at selected Walmart and Target stores. Do you think all of these people have the same agenda? If so, what is it?

Unions have been bad-mouthing and lying about Walmart for at least twenty years. They are protesting low wages and part time help at Walmart. They do not care that 95% of Walmart employees are thrilled to have a job. They do not care that 100% of Walmart shoppers save money by shopping at Walmart. They do not care that while they are protesting outside Walmart stores, business as usual is going on inside the stores. They do not care that the Democrat policies forced businesses into hiring part time workers.

There are agitators across the country trying to organize protesters around the events of Ferguson and Walmart. The Actions of Obama and Holder encourage the lawlessness we are seeing. My feeling is this may be a trial run for a big push for nationwide protest before the next presidential election. If Obama can get enough anarchists in the streets, he can declare martial law and void the election process. These are the kinds of things you get when you elect community organizers to positions of authority.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Apparently not. This is interesting, but have you thought about the implications of this. I am going to make some cursory observations from several levels.

The United States spends more money on the military than most countries in the world. Russia has a huge nuclear arsenal which Putin is using as a threat more frequently. China is building up it’s military as fast as they can find the money. Israel is in a continuous fight with the Palestinians. Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons and a distribution system. North Korea is a continuous threat to do something stupid.

Right now the divisions in our country are various. Many Black people hate the police. Democrats and Republicans are at odds. We are told Republicans hate women. The main stream media resents Fox news telling the truth. IRS officials are concerted liars and obstructionists. College professors are teaching students that white people are responsible for the woes of everyone else. Many poor people resent rich people. Many Democrat women hate babies. Many Black men don’t want the responsibility for their children. The government is using military hardware and tactics to enforce arbitrary and debatable rules from the EPA.

You read all the time about mayors and city councils at odds with the populace. Local elections are becoming more vicious. Even small towns have five or six different churches. Why is that? It can’t be because we are all best friends.

When family members are injured, it is most likely someone else in the family that caused the injury. I remember Ray Charles singing “You Always Hurt the One You Love” fifty years ago. This is not new.

I have come to the conclusion that this is who we are. We have a continuing quest to get to outer space and other planets. Think about it. Why would they want us out there. So we can fight between worlds instead of between countries.

Governments cannot solve these problems. Each individual has to address the way they think and the animosity they feel. Maybe we do need thought police to weed out the violent among us. I wish I could exclude myself from this group, but like many others, I have feeling of animosity and disdain. Maybe this is who we are and we should not take who we are any further.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Executive Order on Immigration

What is the purpose for President Obama to issue an executive order to allow immigrants to stay here? Are they not already staying here? In fact, is it not the truth that this administration is advertising in Mexico -- If you have been deported, now is the time to return to the United States. They are not deporting anyone. So again I ask, what is the purpose for an executive order?

The President keeps stating that he is solving the immigration problem. What problem will the executive order solve? What is the urgency to act now?

I am in favor of immigration reform. I am in favor of people who come here having a job and paying taxes. I am in favor of securing the border so we know who is here. I am in favor of green cards for migrant or temporary workers. I am in favor of treating everyone with dignity and respect.

I am in favor of deporting people who are here without permission and get arrested for perpetrating a felony offense against United States citizens. I am against citizenship for people who get deported multiple times.

I would like to know the truth. Why is it so difficult for President Obama to tell the American people the truth? My feeling has been that he will not tell us his real agenda because no one supports what he believes. Oh, many people support him and many people will allow him to do as he pleases, but very few people support his agenda that actually suspect what it is.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Operation Underground Railroad

Operation Underground Railroad is an organization to stop child sex trafficking. You can get more information about them at their website: The organization is run by Tim Ballard, a former Homeland Security agent in the child crimes unit. He is now independent and has a team that goes undercover to buy children from sex traffickers so they can be set free. Members of the team call themselves abolitionists

They are financed by private donations and supported by law enforcement in the communities where they run sting operations. They get tips on where children are being sold and pose as buyers. Once the buy is completed, they call for law enforcement teams to come in and arrest the traffickers.

I first saw their story in Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. There are about two million children for sale on the black market. Hopefully Tim Ballard and his team can help cut into those numbers.

Sunday, November 9, 2014


We need to change the way unemployment is reported in this country. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue. This is an issue of the people not getting the truth from the government. The number of people out of work must include the people who cannot get jobs, not just the people who are still getting unemployment checks. The way the calculations are made and reported is deceptive. Our unemployment rate is going down each month and the number of people without jobs is increasing each month. The number of people entering poverty is increasing each month.

I will repeat. This is not an issue that is the fault of a political party, but a deception perpetrated by Washington DC to fool all of us. News media highlights each week, usually on Thursday the number of new jobs created and the unemployment figure. The do not tell you the number of people that lost their jobs, which I think is equally important. They do not tell us the number of people who moved from full time to part time. They do not tell you how many people are out of the work force, because they cannot find a job.

We have people on long term sick leave to have income because they cannot find a job. It is a scam people are forced into to survive.

People are not happy. Goods and services prices are increasing and they tell us there is no inflation. This is another government statistic that has been manipulated to fool us into complacency. I will tackle inflation in a different post.

Not many people are happy with our economy. Right now I only want to say the government is not telling us the complete truth and I think the labor statistic calculations need to change to give a better reflection of what is going on in the country.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Religious Beliefs

I realize many people take the Bible literally. Most people think the writings in the Bible were inspired by God. I do not think anyone actually thinks that God wrote the Bible, since the authors names are often chapter names. Do you suppose there is a possibility that any of these authors let their own ideas and prejudices seep into what they wrote right in the middle of getting inspiration for God?  

As an author myself, I get my writing inspiration from many different places. Sometimes I am writing with a story line in mind and an idea comes out of nowhere that takes me a different direction. It just seems logical to me that many of the things written in the Bible come from the beliefs of the authors and not necessarily from inspiration from God.

The Bible has many contradictory ideas and sometimes a statement or verse is divergent from what the overall message from God would be. I will state it plain. My idea of God has to fit what my logic tells me God would want. God basically has one criterion that tells whether he is on your side or not -- believe in me.

I do not think my deity pays much attention to what I say to Him or Her. My deity pays more attention to what I do. My deity would never tell me to kill people for Him or Her. My deity might allow me to kill to defend myself. My deity will never tell me to disparage someone for what they believe or for who they are or what they feel.

My feeling is -- and for sure it is my felling and my opinion -- that if you feel disparagement for someone based on what you read or were taught about the Bible, you are probably adhering to the bias of an author that had a momentary lapse in their “inspiration” moment.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Democrat Narrative

I am both amused and agitated that the Democrat narrative about the Republicans is mostly false. Since Obama became President, we have heard that the Republicans are racist because they will not support his socialistic programs or his financial and energy policies which continue to kill jobs. The Republicans are not racists, they are just not stupid. The progressive policies have never worked in the history of the world and the free market economy which the Republicans espouse has made us the most powerful nation in the world. After six years of a progressive President, our world leadership standing is now in doubt.

Candidates across the south are racing around branding southerners as racists. Anyone that knows history knows that the racist KKK was all Democrats, they were not Republicans. If you find a racist in the south today, he will normally be a Democrat.

The Tea Party was branded as a racist organization early after it’s inception. The truth is that Democrats carrying racist signs attended Tea Party gatherings to try and brand the groups as racist so no one would pay attention to them. This tactic worked.

None of these lies could be proffered, if the media was not biased. The majority of news media executives are liberal and they print the stories that the Democrats want printed. This is not news, this is propaganda.

The unfortunate part of the story is how easily so many American citizens can be duped.