Sunday, November 30, 2014

Darkness on Television

I remember when I was a kid watching western movies they always talked about taking off at sunrise. When sunrise came it was always broad daylight. I think movie directors knew it was not sunrise, but they also knew if they filmed in the dark, no one could see their production.

Today we have so many movies and TV shows filmed in the dark that I cannot tell what is going on. I would prefer to see the characters acting in actual light and imagine them being in the dark. On CSI they walk through houses and apartment rooms carrying flashlights. Why doesn’t someone turn on the light switch? Remember when directors used to say, “Lights, camera, action.” What do they say now? “Cameras.” I think that is all they need to say. They use multiple cameras to shoot dark scenes no one can see. I do not understand why the actors do not complain about their good sides not being filmed.

Maybe my eyesight is dimming and maybe my cathode ray tube is weak -- yes we still have cathode ray tube TVs in our motorhome. But I am still making this an official complaint. Stop filming in the dark. Tell me it is dark and I will allow my imagination to believe it. I would like to see the action I am missing by directors making scenes as realistic as possible.

I remember when I heard “The Shadow” on the radio, I could visualize the darkness. Remember “The Whistler”? He was always whistling in the dark and I could visualize it.

Do directors think we are too stupid to use our imagination today? If so, I want some new directors. “Lights, please.”

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