Saturday, November 15, 2014

Executive Order on Immigration

What is the purpose for President Obama to issue an executive order to allow immigrants to stay here? Are they not already staying here? In fact, is it not the truth that this administration is advertising in Mexico -- If you have been deported, now is the time to return to the United States. They are not deporting anyone. So again I ask, what is the purpose for an executive order?

The President keeps stating that he is solving the immigration problem. What problem will the executive order solve? What is the urgency to act now?

I am in favor of immigration reform. I am in favor of people who come here having a job and paying taxes. I am in favor of securing the border so we know who is here. I am in favor of green cards for migrant or temporary workers. I am in favor of treating everyone with dignity and respect.

I am in favor of deporting people who are here without permission and get arrested for perpetrating a felony offense against United States citizens. I am against citizenship for people who get deported multiple times.

I would like to know the truth. Why is it so difficult for President Obama to tell the American people the truth? My feeling has been that he will not tell us his real agenda because no one supports what he believes. Oh, many people support him and many people will allow him to do as he pleases, but very few people support his agenda that actually suspect what it is.

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