Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ferguson Effect

We have a sad situation in this country. We have a people that are continuously told that they are suppressed and repressed and they believe it. It may be true, but it also may not be true. Take the incident in Ferguson, Missouri when a white policeman shot a black teen age boy and the impact it had on the community. The people that are told they are repressed destroy their own neighborhoods and blame other people for it. Is it the fault of a suppressor that gets out of your way while you burn your own businesses? Is it the fault of an oppressor that people steal from their neighbors? Is it the fault of the store clerk that obviously enjoyed being shoved around so the theft could be enacted? Is it the fault of a police officer who had to defend himself against an obviously bigger and stronger aggressor? Is it the fault of the prosecutor that the evidence did not support the outcome the rioters wanted?

Many people made up their mind to what happened then constructed stories to support what they wanted to believe. No matter how much proof, it would not have been enough. Hate mongers got protesters to stage riots in many cities in the county. That makes me wonder, who is suppressing the rioters. The establishment politicians and policemen who are keeping most people safe get the blame for the hatred instilled in the rioters by people that profit from stirring up the hate.

I agree that many people are suppressed, but I think they are suppressed by their own. The charlatans that goad them into violence and the Democrat Party that assures they get free stuff for a vote. These rioters do not care about the truth; they only want an outcome that fits the narrative they have been taught since birth.

Now, the protesters have joined with union representatives to continue their protest at selected Walmart and Target stores. Do you think all of these people have the same agenda? If so, what is it?

Unions have been bad-mouthing and lying about Walmart for at least twenty years. They are protesting low wages and part time help at Walmart. They do not care that 95% of Walmart employees are thrilled to have a job. They do not care that 100% of Walmart shoppers save money by shopping at Walmart. They do not care that while they are protesting outside Walmart stores, business as usual is going on inside the stores. They do not care that the Democrat policies forced businesses into hiring part time workers.

There are agitators across the country trying to organize protesters around the events of Ferguson and Walmart. The Actions of Obama and Holder encourage the lawlessness we are seeing. My feeling is this may be a trial run for a big push for nationwide protest before the next presidential election. If Obama can get enough anarchists in the streets, he can declare martial law and void the election process. These are the kinds of things you get when you elect community organizers to positions of authority.

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