Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Religious Beliefs

I realize many people take the Bible literally. Most people think the writings in the Bible were inspired by God. I do not think anyone actually thinks that God wrote the Bible, since the authors names are often chapter names. Do you suppose there is a possibility that any of these authors let their own ideas and prejudices seep into what they wrote right in the middle of getting inspiration for God?  

As an author myself, I get my writing inspiration from many different places. Sometimes I am writing with a story line in mind and an idea comes out of nowhere that takes me a different direction. It just seems logical to me that many of the things written in the Bible come from the beliefs of the authors and not necessarily from inspiration from God.

The Bible has many contradictory ideas and sometimes a statement or verse is divergent from what the overall message from God would be. I will state it plain. My idea of God has to fit what my logic tells me God would want. God basically has one criterion that tells whether he is on your side or not -- believe in me.

I do not think my deity pays much attention to what I say to Him or Her. My deity pays more attention to what I do. My deity would never tell me to kill people for Him or Her. My deity might allow me to kill to defend myself. My deity will never tell me to disparage someone for what they believe or for who they are or what they feel.

My feeling is -- and for sure it is my felling and my opinion -- that if you feel disparagement for someone based on what you read or were taught about the Bible, you are probably adhering to the bias of an author that had a momentary lapse in their “inspiration” moment.

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