Sunday, December 7, 2014

I Protest

Barack Obama is asking for over $350 million for retraining police and putting body cameras on all the police in the United States. I protest for multiple reasons. I do not want the federal government any more involved in state and local affairs than they already are. Second, every time the federal government gives you something it comes with strings attached. The complaints about militarization of the police forces across the country are because Barack Obama does not see terrorists as the enemy. He thinks white people that are citizens of this country are the enemy. He and Eric Holder have done more damage to race relations in this country than any other pair of individuals in history.

I am not against policemen wearing cameras. I am not against policemen getting sensitivity training. I am not against policemen meeting with community leaders to create better rapport with the public. I am not against reviewing the grand jury system to see if some improvements can be made to make it appear fairer to the public. I am firmly against the federal government assuming responsibility for local policing. I do not want their money and I do not want their help to solve local problems.

As soon as someone mentions retraining thugs and criminals to treat policemen with respect, their demands for police retraining will have a more reasonable chance of success.

Barack Obama, Janet Napolitano and Jeh Johnson have already created a national police force. They use the Department of Homeland Security like a military organization to enforce environmental laws forced on the country by this administration. They send squads of armed men to confiscate cars that they deem emit too much carbon dioxide. I suspect children’s lemonade stands are in their focus to satisfy Michelle’s anti-obesity issue.

If it is not clear, I do not trust these people. In the Democrat party, lying to the public is approved and appreciated. Of course they deny it. Why wouldn’t they, they lie about everything else.

I loudly protest any more federal government involvement in local matters.

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