Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Organizing Communities

It was in the news this morning that “Organizing For Action” has a goal to train 10,000 community organizers. This group is Obama’s non-profit advocacy group. I am trying hard to be open minded about this, but unfortunately we have a history.

Ours is a country made up of immigrants. Most of the immigrants that came to this country before 1960 came here to make a better life for themselves and their families. Most were able to achieve this goal. One of the main reasons for this success is that after the United States government was organized, a process was put in place to limit immigrants into the country. By regulating the numbers coming in, they had the opportunity to learn from their neighbors what it took to be a successful United States citizen. People wanting citizenship trained themselves in areas of Constitutional law, free enterprise, and freedom from government control. Within 150 years we became the most prosperous and most powerful nation in the world. Our prosperity allowed us to send money overseas to help trading partners increase their wealth and prosperity. Our power has helped the free countries of the world root out evil villains that want to usurp other people’s rights.

This integration of immigrants into our society has been successful, primarily because the education was done at the neighborhood level. Immigrants normally settle in neighborhoods where they are enmeshed in people of their own ethnicity. Some of the people in the neighborhoods objected to the newcomers, but despite the few objectors, they became good citizens and accepted by their neighbors in a very short period of time.

Today we have inner city neighborhoods that have been controlled by the Democrat Party for many years and are filled with poor people that cannot find a way out of their poverty. The youth with little parental guidance and poor education from teachers whose union affiliation is more important to them than the children they teach. The kids resort to gangs for protection and support. They resent the police that expect them to behave like good citizens. The Democrats keep telling them the only way they can improve their situation is with government support and the more support they get the worse off they are.

Knowing all these things, I think the community organizer initiative could be a good thing. If the community organizers are trained to go in and help people learn to become better citizens, so they are accepted by their neighbors the project has a chance for success.

But again, we have a history. The most famous community organizer I have ever heard of does not believe in the Constitution. He is flooding the country with immigrants at such a rapid rate, that they have little chance of becoming productive citizens for many decades. As implied earlier, for immigrants to be successful, they have to be supported by their neighbors. But, if the new community organizers are divisive like Barack Obama we are going to have chaos and anarchy in the neighborhoods they organize and the problems will get worse instead of better.

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