Saturday, December 13, 2014

Our Political Parties

I read articles and stories all the time about how Republicans support the rich and “stick it to” the poor and middle class people in this country. When these statements are made, I think the writers are talking about Republican politicians. The truth is, Republican politicians think about the same things Democrat politicians think about. There are a few exceptions, but primarily politicians think about how to get money to get re-elected. I think this is their primary motivation for everything they do. Republicans and Democrats alike try to pass legislation that is designed to maximize the money they get from their base. I do not think any of the professional politicians are good for the American people.

Who makes up the base of the parties? I think I know, but I am not positive and I know there are exceptions within the broad groups. My best guess: Republicans: big business, small businesses, the Chamber of Commerce and an even split in the middle class. Democrats: the poor, Jewish people, labor unions, trial lawyers, socialists, Black people, Hollywood and the other half of the middle class. I think Hispanics are divided and support both parties with the balance shifting, based on current events. I think Wall Street and bankers hedge their bets by giving money to both parties, so they can illicit favors from both.

The Democrats get away with branding Republicans as the “party of the rich”, because the media primarily consists of Democrat leaning executives and editors that act as the communications wing of the Democrat party. Fox News and talk radio are the primary exceptions to this bias. The truth is the Democrat party always gets more donation money than the Republicans.   

I think the Democrat party makes a concerted effort to generate as many poor people as possible to keep them dependent on the government for support, thus increasing the Democrat base. Personally, I think this is evil.

I am a conservative and prefer the Republican party, although I do not like most Republican politicians. My feeling is that neither party has our interest at heart, because of professional politicians. I think what is best for the people is a balance between what the Republicans want and what the Democrats want.

I am a conservative because I believe individuals should have control of their own destiny. I think people that work hard to get themselves educated and work hard putting their education to work should gather more wealth than people who do not want to put out the effort. I believe businesses create more good jobs in a free trade and a free market capitalistic system with moderate government control to protect the people.  The government should take care of people that cannot take care of themselves. The rest of us should go to work.

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