Monday, December 22, 2014

Police Officer's Revolt

What do Holder, Obama, Sharpton and De Blasio have in common? Well, they are all Democrats, but that is not the only thing they have in common. They all urged Blacks to get in the streets to protest the police. They say they want peaceful protests, but how often do peaceful protests turn to violence? I contend it happens very often. When cheered on by Sharpton, Obama and Holder the crowds of protesters know they can act with impunity. When De Blasio made it clear he was siding with lawbreakers in New Your City and condemning the police, what did you think was going to happen next?

The shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri was a tragedy that should not have happened, but it did happen. Could Michael Brown have acted differently? -- Of course he could have. As a matter of fact, Black people all over this country have been telling us that they have to train their children on how to avoid confrontations with the police. Michael Brown seemed to forget his training. Could the police officer acted differently? -- Probably not. He followed guidelines and procedures he had been trained to follow.

The death of Eric Garner is also a tragedy that should not have happened. Garner died as the result of a struggle while he was being arrested by New York City police. Could Garner have acted differently? The answer is, of course he could have, but he appeared to be protesting what he considered police harassment. Was he right? Possibly, he was. Could the police have acted differently? Most definitely -- at least one police officer did not follow his training. Should someone be punished for Garner’s demise? -- Probably. Should protesters decide the punishment? No way, Buddy.

Now, protesters are in the streets claiming police are targeting young Black men, based on the two Black men dying at the hands of the police in a short period of time. Do you think the New York City policemen were attacking a Black man on the streets because they were conspiring with the Ferguson Police Department? -- Of course not. They were at the scene in response to a store keeper’s complaint about a big Black man in front of his store selling products illegally. The store owner thought he was losing business by the man’s presence in front of his store.

Now we have two police offices in New York City slain by a police hater and another police officer slain in Tarpon Springs, Florida. These are hate crimes incited by public officials. In Oakland, California a roadside tribute display honoring four police officers slain in the line of duty has been vandalized. It appears to be open season on police officers.

What do you think is going to happen next? Now there are police officers all over this country feeling betrayed by their government and feeling animosity from people they are sworn to protect. Policemen are on edge and this is not a good situation. If the police continue to be pressured, they may resort to paranoia. If public officials and protesters drive the police to revolt the outcome will be an even bigger tragedy. I support the police and I think the majority of people in this country feel as I do. If the protesters continue on the route they are traveling, it is possible the people on the other side of the issue will rise in support of the police. I think there are a lot more law-abiding citizens than there are protesters and thugs. Who do you suppose will win the confrontation following the revolt?


  1. I am frustrated with the current situation. Citizens are not comfortable telling the truth because they do not want to be labeled racist. There out and out facts we can not use to solve social problems because to state these facts would get you labeled a racist. The politicians mentioned in this entry are educated and, for the most part, bright people. This makes it even more inexcusable when they say things that promote hate divisiveness that gets people killed.

    1. Thanks for the comment, AJ. Hopefully talking about the issues openly will get more people interested.