Sunday, December 28, 2014

What's Next?

I saw reports from Texas City, Texas today that a young man was firing a gun into a crowd near or in a bar. Police arrived and the young man turned the gun on the police officers, one of which shot and killed him. It turned out he was Black. What happened next is the mystery to me. After the boy was shot, people in the crowd started throwing rocks and bottles at the police officer. This behavior is foreign to me, but similar to what is going on across the country in Black communities. I used to say poor communities, but it is apparent the Blacks are the ones that are supporting the felons and thugs in the stories, normally based on lies from biased observers. “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!” was the lie from Ferguson Missouri. “I can’t Breathe” is the rallying cry for protesters in New York. This rallying cry is at least based on partial truths.

My question is what’s next? If people side with the thugs against the police officers, whose side do you think the public will be on? Do you suppose the other police officers are going to let you shoot them, just because they are now intimidated into not shooting back? Think again.

Crowds and protesters are disseminating misinformation and acting on it in support of lawbreakers. Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Al Sharpton blame all the deaths on the police departments and want them to be retrained. None of them ever mention making the thugs behave themselves.

I am beginning to think this is who our leadership is -- rabble rousers or instigators of protest to incite change in this country. My feeling is there are too many of us that support the Constitution and the police officers for this strategy to work. If these violent protests continue in support of thugs, I am a firm believer that the backlash is going to be overwhelming and none of us will appreciate the aftermath.

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