Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Conservative Problem

Conservatives have an education problem and a money problem. My assumption is that if you are a conservative you want governmental policies that encourages companies to grow their business and encourages entrepreneurs to start new businesses, so that more good jobs are available. If the number of jobs increases faster than the labor force increases, the country can approach full employment, which will drive up wages for everyone and allow people to improve their lot in life. That means opportunities for advancement, better health care, better food and better education for average families.

The situation we find ourselves in today is that our governmental policies and the big donor corporations are working against us. Both political parties want to maintain the status quo. Some of the Progressive policies are out of ignorance, such as restrictive bank lending laws (i.e.: Dodd-Frank) and overzealous environmental laws as prescribed by the EPA. The bigger hindrance at the current time is that it takes a lot of money to run a campaign to get elected to national offices, so all incumbents do the bidding of big money donors – corporate America and the Chamber of Commerce.

These groups do not have our best interest at heart. Corporations and the Chamber of Commerce share an interest in wanting more consumers and wanting to pay the lowest possible wages to get their necessary work done. Our current immigration policies play right into their hands. They want more immigrants that they can hire for lower wages than they have to pay American workers. Silicon Valley high tech companies lay off engineers at the same time they petition Congress to increase the number of H1B visas for more foreign technical workers. They realize putting American people out of work has no down side for the corporations, because liberal politicians are scrambling to pay out of work families enough money to keep them indentured to the Democrat Party.

There are two serious problems with these policies. The main one is that the systems becomes unsustainable and the other is the rich keep getting richer and the middle class moves into the poor house.  

Are you familiar with Chris McDaniel? You should be, because his situation is a great example of the Republican Party fighting to keep incumbents in office. Chris McDaniel is a Tea Party conservative. In 2014 Chris McDaniel ran against Thad Cochran for U.S Senate in Mississippi. McDaniel won the primary vote, but since three people were in the race they had to go to a runoff. Cochran knew he could not win over Republicans to his side, so he solicited the help of Haley Barbour and they were able to get 50,000 democrats to vote for Thad Cochran in the Republican primary, which gave Cochran the win. Democrats did not mind voting for Cochran, because as a Washington insider, he votes to maintain the status quo. These people are shameless.

Chris McDaniel is still a state senator in Mississippi and has recently started a PAC called the United Conservatives Fund. If you make any political donations, do not give your money to anyone who wants to maintain the status quo. Give your money to Tea Party candidates or conservative PACs. We are the only solution to the problem. Democrats will always vote for democrats and never realize how they contribute to the problem, but conservatives have an opportunity to elect some different people who will petition for smaller government and term limits that will take the professional politicians out of Washington and move back toward a government for the people. Vote for a conservative. Vote against the status quo.

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