Saturday, January 10, 2015

Free College

In case any of you do not know, I do not think anything is free. What President Barack Obama means when he says free is that someone else is going to pay through the nose for the stuff he gives to you for free. Free junior college is only going to cost $60,000,000,000. That is sixty billion dollars of someone else’s money.

There are many reasons why free college is a problem. I mean many, many reasons. There are so many problems with this initiative, that I am only going to scratch the surface with my objections. Firstly, with the government paying the bill, the price is guaranteed to increase. This means a college education becomes harder to achieve. After a few years with government interference the only people that can go to college will be the wealthy and students that get government subsidies.

Second, the Federal government and the Department of Education have already ruined elementary education in this country. There is no chance for an unbiased education by socialist leaning teachers with loyalty to the teachers unions. Common Core that is being pushed by the Federal government exacerbates the poor education problem. We have allowed our schools to evolve to the point that the only reason for going is to pass a test, then the teachers begin coaching students to cheat on the tests, so the teachers do not look bad. Most freshmen entering college read at a seventh grade level. That is a fact.

I keep hearing talk about the dedication of the teachers in this country, but the teachers in Arizona, New York, California and Wisconsin that have been in the news in recent years make me skeptical about teacher dedication. I do hear about some private school teachers that are great and I believe some of them are. There are also some dedicated teachers in public schools where unions are not as rabid. But this is getting off the subject. Back to free college.

Another reason I am against free college is that the Federal government dictates curricula. We have enough bureaucrats telling us what to do already. I want educators from local communities setting educational standards.

Everything the Federal government gets involved with is corrupted. We have congress people writing laws that give them a plush life and plush retirement while they steal our money to pay for projects in their districts to help them get re-elected. Also, bureaucrats with not enough work to do are idling their time watching porn. The Inspectors General that are supposed to watch for fraud have become part of the corruption.

I am asking again. Please make the Federal government stop helping us.


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