Monday, January 26, 2015

Just Suppose

Just suppose President Obama really believed the things that he said when he first came into the Presidency. I will dismiss the oceans will rise claim as hyperbole. But some of the other ideas he had were really idealistic. You know, kind of like childish thinking – on the verge of naive.

For instance his beliefs that:

If I apologize for our country’s past behavior and treat you better than you treat me, you will like me and my country more. That policy in in shambles with Russia, Iran, Pakistan and many other former friends.

If I bring my academic friends along to implement my Keynesian economic policies all the U.S. economic problems will be over. That thinking has given us the longest recovery from a recession since FDR’s New Deal.

If I enact social justice policies by taking more from the wealthy it will make a better life for middle class people. So far social justice polices have increased growth of wealth for the rich, put fifty million more people out of work and decreased the wages for everyone else.

If I diminish the United States because we enriched ourselves at the expense of the rest of the world, the rest of the world will have a chance to catch up. Well, no one seems to be catching up.

If I change our military rules of engagement to where our soldiers will not shoot back, our enemies will have more respect for us. This policy has gotten a lot of our soldiers killed while having the enemy laugh at us for our stupidity.

There are many more instances where I think the President’s beliefs do not match the results he expected from them. If he is a true believer in his academic training, he has to be as disappointed with the results, as most Americans are. I think his ego is too large for him to admit he made mistakes. He will apologize for the country, but he will never apologize for himself. I just want to ask, “When does a boy become a man?”

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