Saturday, January 3, 2015

Progressives Seem Smarter

It seems to me the progressive Democrats have acted smarter than the Republicans for many years. I do not know how else to explain the fact that the major newspapers and network TV stations act as shills for the Democrat party. Why do all the journalism schools turn out Democrat leaning liberals? It cannot be an accident. The liberal professors at most colleges in this country pump their students full of liberal ideas. Is this an accident? I do not think so. By controlling the major voices of the media, the liberals control the narrative. Controlling the narrative allows them to define their opposition. Most people in the country do not pay enough attention to what is going on. All the person on the street interviews you see indicate the liberals do not know the truth and do not even know why they believe what they do -- they just regurgitate what they are told.

Think about where colleges get their money. Of course tuition is a major income source, but colleges all get money from donors. Democrats have been smart enough for years to push money into educational institutions to buy the loyalty of the college boards. I will wager that Democrat donations to colleges outweigh Republican gifts on an order of magnitude nearing eight to one. The Democrat owned college boards then hire teachers that think like themselves. Now we have our federal government guaranteeing student loans that have turned into gifts for students willing to take free stuff. Thus the students are set up to become easy pickings for liberal persuasion. Colleges and college professors make big bucks by applying for government grants for research. There is no pretense of the research being vital anymore. Any liberal cause can get a government research grant.

The academics that come into the government are always failures, but since liberals control the narrative they hide these failures well by repeating lies of their success.

Another thing the liberals seem to be smarter at is speaking with one voice. Have you noticed that liberals use the same words to defend their position? You go from channel to channel and every Democrat supporter uses the same talking points to support their position. Obviously they all use the same source of input into their devious little minds.

What are Republicans doing while this is going on? Many of them are investing their money in their education and their family’s education. They invest in businesses to give themselves and their families a better life. They are out learning how to be successful in the world and putting their ideas to work. Most of them think for themselves. Republicans go on TV for interviews and they tell you what they think. They would never consider speaking with a common voice, because they do not have one.

I am a conservative and I vote Republican most of the time. It is the only choice I have.  A vote for a Democrat is a vote for decadence. I do not like most Republican politicians, because they care more about keeping their job than they care about doing their job. We elect people to represent us, but after being in Washington, D.C. for a few years they mostly fall into the habit of their peers – keeping their job, instead of voting for policies that support the people that elected them.

Conservatives believe that individuals should learn to take care of themselves. This means getting an education and getting a job and becoming a responsible citizen. They support their families. Conservatives thinks every life has value. They help support people in need and try to better their community. They recognize that gifts are a means to helping others become self-sufficient, not an intent to buy loyalty or favors.

Politically speaking, the liberals have acted much smarter. Unfortunately, their policies always fail. Progressives may act smarter, but anyone interested in the truth recognizes they are just acting.

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