Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Republican Bravery

There ain’t none. It was obvious the Republican voters wanted John Boehner replaced as Speaker of the House. Republicans in the House of Representatives had an opportunity to show their dissatisfaction with Boehner’s leadership by voting for someone else as speaker. Their switchboard was shut down with messages telling them the desires of the public, so they all knew what we wanted from them. Most of them do not have the guts to stand up to a Republican, so how can we expect them to stand up against Obama. The answer is we do not expect them to stand up for anything the American people want.

I know most of you think you like your representative, but if your representative voted for Boehner against the people’s wishes, you should dump your Congressman. Since we will not do that, we have to include ourselves in the political coward class. A few Tea Party people vote routinely for smaller government and the rest sell us out, just as routinely.

This is pretty much a guarantee – most of the bills passed this year will be done with the help of Democrats – they are closer to what Boehner wants than what the Republican voters want. I consider Boehner Obama light.

We need more good people running for office that have conservative principles. If we continue re-electing people based on name recognition, we deserve the poor results we get from Congress. This is our country. When are we going to demand that our representatives represent us?

Think about it. This is our responsibility.

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