Friday, January 16, 2015

Voting Present

It has always been obvious to me that I do not think like our current president. More so than any politician in my experience, he tries to stay on the fence to not offend anyone, except his political enemies. Some of the decisions he makes make no sense to me, so I thought I would write about him continuing to “vote present”, just like he did when he was in the state legislature in Illinois. I did a little research and found out a few things that I had not heard before. When BHO was in the state legislature he only voted present three percent of the time. This was news to me, because I was under the impression that he routinely dodged all tough decisions. It appears this was not the case. It is a common understanding in the Illinois legislature that voting present is a “no” vote, signifying that there is part of the bill you like and part of it you do not like. Now that I have increased my education on Illinois politics, I still need to determine why our president appears to me to make random decisions.

I got a whiff of the answer today from an unexpected source. Mount Holyoke, an all-woman school in Massachusetts, announced they would discontinue their production of “The Vagina Monologues” which they have presented for over twenty years. They stopped the production because transgender women do not have vaginas and they did not want to be unfair to any woman.

This gave me a clue. I think I am beginning to understand Obama’s desire to force square pegs into round holes. He has said many times that he is trying to level the playing field so everyone has an equal shot. This sounds noble when you say it, but in practice it is stupidity run amok. Women are women and men are men, there is nothing you can do to make them the same. Going to single gender restrooms is fine with me, but it will not make me a woman and it will never give me the same rights women have. I am firmly convinced I am not a woman, neither functionally nor mentally. Going to the same bathroom as women all my life would not have allowed me the privilege of giving birth.

Blacks, Asians, transgender people, Indians, homosexuals and Hispanic people are different from me, some by birth and some by choice. This does not make any of us better than anyone else, it is just an acknowledgement that each individual on the earth is born with some differences from any other person on this earth. Each individual should be treated with dignity and respect. My brother who died several years ago was also different from me in looks, temperament and abilities. We started out with approximately the same parents and evolved very differently in our lives. This did not make either of us wrong, it just means we used our free will to make different choices. This is the way the populous of the world has evolved.

I would like for each child on earth to be born into a family that will love them and can support them. I would like the parents to stay together and help the school systems educate their children to achieve their full potential. I would like for jobs that match individual skills to be available for everyone that wants a job. I want everyone to have the same rights and opportunities to survive and improve their lot in life. However, I do not feel that people that make smarter choices in life should be held back to make their outcome the same as people who have made poorer choices. I never want to be the lowest common denominator.  

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