Saturday, January 31, 2015

What's In A Name

Did you hear that the interim Provost, Louise Lannihan at the Graduate Center for the City University of New York issued a memo advising staff to no longer address others with titles such as Mr., Mrs. or Ms. As the title might be disrespectful to some people?

Let us extrapolate this for a few moments. If titles are offensive what about getting rid of interim. People only filling in at a job for only a short period of time might be offended if some other individual thought they were not good enough to be in that position full time. How about Provost. Now that is a title I find offensive personally. It reminds me of the Provost Marshall when I was in the Army. No one likes the cops anymore and I certainly hate the chief cop. As far as I am concerned Provost is gone as a title. What about getting rid of the title Professor. Don’t you just know there are some teachers that are jealous that they are only teachers and cannot be called Professor? So I think Professor has to go. How about Doctor. Does it bother anyone beside me that only some Doctors are allowed to perform heart surgery? Don’t you just know the PHDs want to get into your heart? Too bad. The Doctor title has to go has to go because it just might offend someone.

We stopped saying Actress some time ago, because it made female Actors feel like second class citizens. Stewardess went out when Flight Attendants arrived. You can still be a Steward, but do not get caught at it. What do you think about Deacon? Does this not make it seem that some church members are more important than others? Have you ever heard someone called Deacon as a nickname? This has to stop.

What about storms. About twenty years ago we decide it was misogynistic for all the hurricanes and typhoons to be named for the ladies. I cannot remember now if men were offended because they were left out or women were offended because they all had violent names. Do you remember? I think we need to include some animal names for storms. I have a few names we have not used for storms. How about Hurricane Fido and Tropical Storm Puff. How about the colors and body parts that that get left out. I am partial to Hurricane Red Neck and Typhoon Maroon Kidney.

Now we are leaving out stuff you can emit from living bodies. Tropical Storm Whale Snot comes to mind. Typhoon Tiger Spit may work also. Need I continue my extrapolation, or have you had enough?

I hope you are getting the idea about how offended I am that leftist idiots do not know we are different or are afraid to acknowledge we are. I am in favor of eliminating an Interim Provost named Louise Lannihan and replace him, her or it with a human being that is not as stupid as dog do.

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