Sunday, February 15, 2015

Big Ideas

On October 15, 2014, I posted “My Presidential Candidate’s Platform” which states specific ideas I think the next President should use to get elected and govern the country. People do not get elected by a list of specifics, they get elected by espousing big ideas. In this post I am going to propose big ideas that a candidate could use to govern the country toward a better outcome.

  I.         Restore religious freedom in America.
 II.         Restore family unity and family values, with focus on Black communities.
III.         Refocus the government to help people have better lives through achievement.

We seem to have declared open war on Christians in a country founded on Judeo-Christian values. As immigrants have come to America to find a better life, they brought with them many religions that have fewer followers than the Christians. Many religions are charged with converting others to their faith. They should be free to do so within reasonable limits. We also have a growing atheist population whose sole purpose seems to be the denigration of others, not increasing followers. Does this make sense to anyone?

The Constitution prevents the government from mandating a religion. The separation of church and state people fight for does not exist within our law, but by misguided practice. Religious holidays for government, industry and schools should consider all religions. This may mean no Christmas holidays or celebrations for groups that may include other religions. Churches and religious groups can find ways of celebrating within their own groups. We should consider having a national holiday that celebrates all religions.

We need a partnership with federal, state and city governments to address the drugs and gangs that threaten neighborhoods and families. Neighborhoods and city police should unite to address these problems. Counselors should be available through community organizations and churches in inner cities to encourage and promote families staying together and reducing the birthrate of unwed mothers. Education about and availability of contraceptives need to more prevalent to diminish the need for life-changing abortions. This may be the best way to demonstrate “Black Lives Matter”. The mantra should be changed to “All Lives Matter”.

The federal government needs to get out of the welfare business. Unemployment insurance and food assistance programs should be administered by states where they are close enough to the people to actually help people that want employment to find it and provide necessary assistance to people that cannot work or care for themselves. The federal government’s concentration should be on creating jobs for the middle class people in the country. Immigration should be tied to unemployment – less people employed should tell us that we need fewer immigrants. If the government in power decides they want more immigrants, they should find ways to create more jobs.

We need to stop spending the people’s money gathered through taxation to coerce people to vote for a particular constituency. Our money should only be used to fund necessary government functions and stop funding political functions. This alone will reduce the size of government by 40% and allow a balanced budget in the process. Help me make these big ideas known. Thank you.

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