Friday, February 20, 2015


The Obama administration is the most secretive, obscure and corrupt administration I have witnessed in my lifetime. The corruption that has taken place under this president is unquestionable. Obama lies openly and he is consistent about it. The Democrats bribed states and Senators to pass Obamacare. They are still lying about the taxes and penalties contained in Obamacare. Obama ridicules anyone that says “death panels” that are clearly a part of the Obamacare law.

Eric Holder sues groups, companies and individuals around the country to solicit bribes (Democrats call them fines.) for not putting people in jail. The Ferguson, Missouri police department is his latest victim.

Remember the Obama administration refusing to make public the fact that Jeremiah Wright visited the White House many times in the first year of Obama’s presidency, then lying about it when the fact was divulged. They continuously hide White House visitor logs, so the public does not find out who they meet.

Remember the cover-up related to Fast and Furious. We still have not got the facts, because Obama and Holder keep using administrative tricks to hide e-mails from Holder’s office and the White House. The IRS conveniently lost all the e-mails from Lois Learner and any other person that discussed the IRS discrimination related to status of Tea Party groups. The cover up is continuing. Remember the cover-up for the Secret Service scandal for agents paying government money for prostitutes. Remember all the TSA scandals that have been covered up? Groping is the least of their offenses – they routinely hold people they consider political enemies for long periods time costing ordinary people money and loss of dignity. The CIA forbade anyone in Benghazi to answer questions before Congress after the fiasco of getting an American Ambassador and others killed. This administration hid the knowledgeable people from Benghazi for over two years, so they could not testify.

The DEA is continuously gathering phone information on American people without a court order. They use what is called administrative warrants that they issue themselves. Does this sound more and more like a police state to anyone but me?

The new attorney general nominee, Loretta Lynch seems to be cut out of the same mold as Eric Holder. At her Senate hearing it has been divulges that HSBC, the bank that has been laundering money for Mexican drug cartels and Mideast terrorist organizations was allowed to pay a bribe of $1.9 billion instead of sending anyone to jail. (Remember, Democrats call bribes fines.) The HSBC whistle-blower, John Cruz had provided evidence to the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the IRS about the HSBC illegal activities. Now all of these agencies are disavowing ever hearing from him. Unfortunately for them he recorded the conversations he had with each of these agencies.

Now we have corruption and obfuscation from the Justice Department, the White House, the CIA, the IRS, the FBI, the DHS and the DEA. And do not forget about the corruption at the VA.There is absolutely no one in this administration I would trust. The Democrats still like Obama – corruption is nothing new or bad as long as it is for their team. 

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