Sunday, February 8, 2015

What to Say

I have not written on this blog in a few days because I do not know what to say. I am really exasperated about what is going on in this country and it appears the populace has lost control of our government. We keep sending the same representatives to Washington and they ignore what their constituents want. Large companies are laying off technical workers and lobbying Congress for more foreign workers. Many citizens are running out of unemployment money and are finally trying to go back to work. Illegal aliens are flooding the country and spreading childhood diseases. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that many families have stopped immunizing their children, because of irrational fears of the harm immunizations can do. Illegal aliens have taken most of the jobs available in the country for the last five years. We have over 120 Congresspersons that have a problem with paying their taxes.

Our President thinks Christians in the crusades 800 years ago were religious, but Muslims committing atrocities today are not religious. Houses are being built for second homes for the wealthy and no one can afford to build entry level homes – they cannot sell them for enough money to make the investment worthwhile. Conservatives would not vote for Mitt Romney or John McCain allowing the most liberal President in the history of our country to rule by decree. Many of my friends are on strike against oil companies at a time when oil prices are the lowest they have been in many years – really poor timing. A lot of things are just not making sense to me.

Black people are still marching in the street over two people that died at the hands of the police, all the while ignoring the myriad of Black kids that die daily at the hands of other Black kids. Inner city folks in poverty vote for Democrats whose policies guarantee they stay in poverty. The newspapers ignore all the foul ups caused by President Obama’s decisions and hammer Republicans about events that never happened, such as bridgegate and the war on women. Blacks re-elect Black politicians after they get out of jail for corruption. It appears the only criteria Blacks are interested in is race. Does this make them racists? What are we doing?

We have too many people that think nothing will change, no matter what we do. We have way too many people that are living a comfortable life and uninterested in getting involved in anything that might disrupt their comfort.

As Americans we should stop reading newspapers that do not report the truth. We should stop watching TV news presented by known liars. We should stop voting for people who will not follow our will. We should fight racism, even if the perpetrator is Eric Holder. We should stop thinking about voting FOR candidates, we should start thinking about what the outcome will be if we do not vote for a better choice – yes that means vote against bad guys. We should hold on to our Judeo-Christian values and fight for Christians to have the same rights as other religions are afforded in this country. We should elect people that will enforce the law. We should elect people that are committed to changing Washington. We should stop the apathy. We should mobilize to take our country back. Get vocal. Get louder. Have a say about our future. Be uncomfortable for a while and make it known.

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