Friday, March 27, 2015

Conspiracy Theory

I like history. I am not saying I am a historian or even a student of history. I just like history. I do not know details about a lot of historical events, but I remember snippets of some historical events. When I think something does not sound right, I think of why I think that and it is usually because a snippet in my mind reminds me of something else I heard in the past, then I have to do some research to find out what else I do not know.

When President Obama was campaigning against Hillary Clinton, he was far to the left of Ms. Clinton to win the Democrat nomination. That is when he told us who he was. After he beat Ms. Clinton, Obama took up most of her positions to beat John McCain in the national election, then he reverted to who he told us he was when he won the nomination. In other words he moved far left to an agenda I had heard before in Germany after WWI and in Cuba forty five years before and in Venezuela with Hugo Chavez. Yes my first fear of President Obama was that he wanted to be a dictator. Every move he made and every speech he made sent my mind thinking in that direction.

I predicted he would try and shut down the opposing voices, which he has tried numerous times and numerous ways to do. His minions tried their best to shut down talk radio and Fox news. They are making another run at net neutrality to give the government control of the internet. We are only being saved by our Constitution and the courts. Congress has been an ineffective deterrent.

I predicted he would try to disarm the country. He has not stopped trying. The NRA membership and its huge voting block are the main deterrent. Did you know that James Madison proposed 39 changes to the constitution before it was ratified? He did not want amendments, he wanted these changes written into the body of the Constitution. Instead the ideas were condensed and 7 of the 39 proposals became part of the Bill of Rights – the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. One of these was the right to bear arms. James Madison realized almost 250 years ago that an oppressive government would have less ability to suppress the people if the populace was armed. I think Democrats hate our form of government and realize disarming us is one step necessary to overturn the Constitution.

I predicted Obama would pull the military back from foreign countries to use it against us in case of rebellion. I was not quite right, but close. Instead he has considerably reduced the size of the military, including high level officers that oppose him. He has fired about 250 senior officers from our military. Now they are conducting military exercises inside the United States – not at military bases, but in cities in the south. If you have not heard about this look up operation “Jade Helm.” What do you suppose is the purpose of this training? They were blunt about it. They are training to put down insurrections in this country.

Think about it. Think about “Rules for Radicals.” Think about Cass Sunstein and “Nudge.” Think about the rhetoric you hear from this administration. Every time anyone from the Obama administration talks about terrorists they are talking about “The Tea Party.” They do not recognize Islamic terrorists. The only terrorists they recognize are people that oppose them. Obama’s enemies are us. Do not trust these people. Be skeptical of anyone trying to talk you into ceding one more of your rights.

So far our Constitution has saved us. What do we do if he declares the Constitution void by Executive Order? I think that is where we are headed. Pay attention.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Brief History Lesson

The majority of educators today are hammering kids into believing white people are the problem with everything in the world. They may be right, but not for the reasons they espouse. This country was founded primarily by western Europeans trying to get away from oppressive Oligarchies. With our Declaration of Independence we started a war with England to give us the freedom to form our own government. Representatives from all the colonies formed a Constitutional Convention and created our Constitution, which is the most important document ever written. In other words we started out with white people in charge, so they made the rules.

While America was being colonized people needed more help than their families could provide, so the indentured servant process which was utilized in Europe, became a way of life in the new land. An indentured servant was provided transportation and room and board for the indenture period and then he was set free and usually given enough capital to allow them to start their own farm. Most early indentured servants were from England, Ireland, Scotland and Germany.

Meanwhile, some Black people, primarily in Africa discovered they could improve their life style by selling their neighbors from different tribes as indentured servants. People around the world utilized this cheap labor. Then Blacks joined the English, Irish, Scots and Germans as indentured servants in the new world. Blacks were freed like all other indentured servants and given land and capital to start their own farms.

In 1620 Anthony Johnson, A Black man from Angola, came to this country involuntarily as an indentured servant and was freed after his indenture period to start his own tobacco farm. He in turn purchased indentured help. In 1654 John Casor came here as an indentured servant to Anthony Johnson, but after the indenture period Johnson would not release Casor. This resulted in a Black man being the first slave owner in this country. Unfortunately his neighbors liked the idea.

We celebrate Richard Allen who started a Methodist Church in Philadelphia and Martin Delany, the first Black officer in the United States Army. We have all heard of Frederick Douglas, Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks. All of these Black people have made a difference to his country. Somehow all the historians forget to add Anthony Johnson to their lists.

History is important to us. It teaches us mistakes of the past, so we do not have to repeat them. Also remember that the people in charge make the rules. What we need to be teaching our children is how to prepare themselves to be in charge. Education is important. Character is important. Ambition is important. Hard work is important. We need to instill in our children the desire for a better life. Parents need to take the responsibility to make these things happen. It is obvious we cannot depend on our educators – they only teach the history that supports their distorted idea of the world. The truth is not in them.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Race Discussions

Starbucks race discussion idea seems to be falling short of the intention. I have found several flaws in Howard Schultz’s thinking. Maybe Starbucks’ franchises are in the wrong place to conduct experiments in improving race relations. Starbucks could move franchises away from downtown areas where people can afford expensive coffee and generally do not have time to talk. If they moved into inner city areas where people do not have money and jobs, they would find an audience much more willing to talk to the baristas about race. Of course the coffee would have to be much cheaper and even free if you want a group discussion. But that would defeat the whole intent of the plan. Howard Schultz does not want to talk to Black people about race. He wants the baristas talking to white people about race relations. What’s the point?

People in charge always make the rules. This is not necessarily bad, but it is just the way it is. Abuses by business owners lead to labor unions and new laws to prevent abuse by landlords, business owners and people in government positions. Labor unions gave us labor leaders that make their rules to help themselves and not necessarily the people they represent. People in charge make the rules. City councilmen make rules that benefit themselves and sometime even help some of the people they represent. Governors and Presidents approve laws that benefit themselves and their supporters.

The beauty of the American system is that if you work hard, get an education and take some chances you can improve your lifestyle and the lifestyle of your family. That is what is known as “The American Dream.” If you study politics and stick your neck out to run for office, you can find yourself in charge and contribute to making the rules.

I will not deny that there are some racists in this country. At the present time I hear more Black people sounding racist than I see in any other race. Educators are brainwashing our children that this is an inherently racist country, but it did not start out that way.

As a reminder to some, our military was integrated as far back as the continental army. Our federal government and our military were integrated until the Democrats elected Woodrow Wilson in 1920. Wilson was a racist and he instructed his cabinet secretaries to segregate their agencies. Remember Bill Clinton praising Robert Byrd after his death. Robert Byrd was a KKK leader when he got elected to Congress and he is revered by the Democrats. Without the Democrats, the civil rights movement would not have been necessary. Do not forget that Martin Luther King was a Republican.

If we want to have a race discussion in this country, we should first understand our history. Our news media and our educators are working hard to hide our history from our children in favor of the “this is a racist country” narrative. People in charge make the rules. Any inherent bias we get in our government and our social environs results from the people in charge. If we want social change and the ability to get rid of the perceived racism, we must put different people in charge. We can do that with elections. If Black people want to make the rules, it is okay with me. First they have to earn the right to do so, by going to school, working hard and running for office. I have voted for several Black candidates in my life, but I have never voted a Black candidate that treated me like he thought I was a racist.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Twisted Ideas

Do you know when I found out President Obama was an ideologue? At the GOP House Issues Conference on January 29, 2010, President Obama was responding to Republican Congressional leaders that told him they did not think he was listening to their ideas about his economic stimulus and healthcare reform. Obama’s response was, “I am not an ideologue.” That was the time it became clear to me that President Obama was an ideologue. I mean, seriously, have you ever heard anyone claim they were not an ideologue that was not an ideologue? No, you have not. It does not happen.

He has made his social justice agenda clear. He is intent on righting all wrongs and his concentration is his major sphere of influence, the United States of America. In his apology tour he denigrated this country all over the world. Every step he has taken in foreign policy has been to make this country weaker. He has reduced the size of our military. He has removed our leadership from the Middle East causing chaos. He has alienated the only democratic country in the Middle East and is rallying support for Iran who wants to destroy Israel. European countries struck out on their own -- no longer expecting American leadership. The Russian reset has resulted in Russia going back to threatening nuclear annihilation. 

He raises taxes every way he can to punish those with money so he can give it to people who do not have money. He has flooded the country with immigrants in an effort to assure Democrats win elections. H1B visa holders are knocking educated Americans out of work on a daily basis. The result is the rich are getting richer, no jobs, no prospect of jobs, no economic growth, reduction of household income and assurance that the people he is trying to help will never be successful on their own – with his leadership we are doomed to a society of takers and fewer and fewer givers.

President Obama has had ICE release more criminal aliens to the streets than our jails can hold – 36,000 in 2013 and 30,000 in 2014. These people who should not be in this country at all and many of whom should be incarcerated are allowed and encouraged to perpetrate crimes harming American citizens. Our President does not want them deported. He just wants them here to vote for Democrats – who cares what else they do.

Race relations are worse than they have been in fifty years in this country. People are rioting in the streets, opposing police and supporting criminals. President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder exacerbate race relations problems every time they get involved. The results are businesses burned down that will not reopen and burned police cars that have to be replaced. In the long run, the people being hurt most are the rioters.

It is all working. Our country is worse off because of President Obama. By definition an ideologue will not listen, so things are guaranteed to get worse.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Various Topics

Topic I -- Oil Companies on Strike

I retired from Shell Chemical Company in Deer Park, Texas in 2003, so I remain interested in events at Shell. Most of the people I worked closely with are also retired, but I do have some friends still working. Most Shell hourly employees are represented by the United Steelworkers Union. A strike was called about a month ago at the Chemical Plant and Refinery locations in Deer Park. There are also other oil products companies and locations across the country involved in the strike.

The Steelworkers say they are striking over safety issues and the companies feel the strike is about increasing the number of represented employees. I am glad to be uninvolved and will not express an opinion about who I think has the high ground on their issues. I do know the strike is stressful for people running the plants and for people walking the picket lines. The longer a strike goes on the more chance of hard feelings on both sides after a settlement is reached. I hope they get their differences bargained out soon, so all people involved can get back to their normal jobs.

Topic II – Republican Negotiators

It is nearing time when the federal government passes the current debt limit again. Normally this causes a lot of consternation between Republicans in Congress and the President, because the Republicans say they want to get spending under control. Mitch McConnell has already announced that the Republicans will raise the debt limit. He and John Boehner have to be the two worst negotiators in the world. They routinely capitulate before bargaining begins. This is really frustrating to the Republican voters who gave the Republicans the biggest majority they have had in both houses in over 100 years. The Conservative Republicans are shut out in almost every vote. The Republican leadership in both houses partner with Democrats to pass all the legislation that gets signed into law by President Obama.

I will express an opinion on this one. The Republican leadership in Congress needs to be replaced. The country deserves a better choice than Democrat and Democrat-light. I hope tea party folks keep targeting RINO Republicans.

Topic III – Media and the Internet

Most newspapers and broadcast networks have a liberal bias. The main way this is seen is not by what they say, but by looking at what they do not say. Negative stories about Democrats, they refuse to publish or broadcast, while at the same time going overboard on negative stories about Republicans. Fox News Channel has a conservative bias, but they do tell both sides of the story. Every year Fox News is rated the fairest in reporting the news on TV.

Recently, some of my friends have referenced articles on the internet that are blatantly false. I urge you to be cautious about believing what you read on the internet, including what I write in my blogs. If you are skeptical, do some research and learn the truth. is a good source to dispel some urban legends. Many internet articles look factual, but are actually fiction out of the author’s mind, displaying their personal bias. These smut-mongers do no research. Bad news.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Worst Thing

Have you thought about the worst thing about President Barack Obama? I think he is the most dishonest public figure I have ever seen in my lifetime, but that’s not it. I think he was the prevaricator- in-chief selling Obamacare. “If you have an insurance plan you like, you can keep it. If you like your doctor, you can keep him.” Those were untruths told intentionally, but that not the worst thing.

President Obama says climate change is the biggest threat we have to face and he may really believe that, so this makes him sound foolish to those of us that actually believe in science. After all, the purpose of the climate change move is to make us give our money to countries that are more corrupt than ours. Yes, Obama thinks we are too well off and we need to be taken down a peg, because it is the fair thing to do. Yes, our President is into “fairness”. He wants prosperous countries to give their stuff to unprosperous countries and he wants to take from the “haves” to give to the “have-nots” in this country. That is misguided and narrow minded, because he never considers cause and effect. He only makes judgment on the end results. But that’s not it.

The President continually tells us how many jobs his policies have created and how great our economy is, while everyone with good sense knows the economy only stays this bad for this long under Democrat Administrations. As soon as we elect a Republican president growth will spurt to six percent and 90,000,000 will get a chance to go back to work. But that’s not it.

He tells us continually he has to open up the borders to help our economy, knowing all the while that the purpose of encouraging illegal immigration is to change the populace to swing elections to Democrats. That will probably work, but it is not the worst thing about him.

It is only my opinion, but my opinion is that the worst thing about President Barack Obama is how he corrupts everyone else around him. He has the Democrats almost in lock-step supporting everything he says. Josh Earnest, the Press Secretary is continually doing contortions trying to spin the Obama prevarication of the day. Obama is a firm believer in the Saul Alinsky rule that says if you repeat a lie often enough people will start believing it.

The IRS and the Justice Department attacked Conservative groups that oppose Obama’s Progressive policies. Robert Menendez is being prosecuted because he is making a stink about the Iran agreement the Administration is trying to push off on us.

The Islamic State is not Islamic and we were not attacked by Muslims on 9/11, because Muslims do not do the atrocious things these people do. How hard was it to get Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg to go along with the idea that the 9/11 airplane hijacking and crashes into the World Trade Center was not done by Muslims.  

Yes, I am convinced the worst thing about President Barack Obama is how he corrupts everyone around him.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What Happened?

What do Clarence Thomas, Mia Love, Tim Scott and Ben Carson have in common? Probably a lot of things, but I will only mention a few. They are all Black, they are Republicans and Democrats do not like them. Republicans like them a lot and Republicans appreciate and respect these individuals. This pretty much shouts that Republicans are no more racist than the rest of the country.

Were you aware that from 1870 to 1935 all Black people elected to Congress were Republicans? From then until 1997 all Black people elected to Congress were Democrats. What Happened?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt happened. In response to the great depression using Executive Orders and Congressional laws, FDR enacted policies that suppressed business and growth until World War II. By this time there were enough people on the dole that Democrats were assured of a majority for the next thirty years.

What were the Republicans doing? The Republicans were split. The Conservative Republicans wanted none of this – they preferred a growing economy, while the liberal Republicans wanted to accept the policies and try to make them more efficient. As we can see in our government today, the “making liberal policies more efficient” plan did not work.

The political result was that the Democrats got the Presidency for the next seven of nine terms during the period from 1937 to 1963, while at the same time Conservatives controlled Congress.

The Conservative Republicans of 1933 were right. Roosevelt policies killed growth in the country until after he died. Mostly no one cared, since Roosevelt policies had everyone in poverty and he was giving them a government lifeline to survive.

Does this not mirror what President Obama is doing? While killing growth he is putting more people on the dole, so they vote for Democrats the next thirty years. Again the Republicans are split. We have a few Conservatives that are trying to hold the country together and help it prosper and we have liberal Republicans like John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and John McCain trying to find ways to make liberal policies more efficient.

Obama is wooing the Hispanic vote to the Democrats by giving free stuff again. It worked last time and it will probably work this time. As long as we keep electing liberal Republicans who want to keep their job more than they want to do what is right for the country, we will never solve our problems.

So what happened? The Democrats found a way to drag the Black people to their party and they seem to be successful keeping them there with the same policies. Why do Democrats hate Black Republicans? Because of another thing Clarence Thomas, Mia Love, Tim Scott and Ben Carson have in common. They have a message to other Black people that they can do better than take the pittance the Democrats offer them. Why do you think Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican? I contend it was because he knew the Democrat message and intent was oppressive.