Friday, March 27, 2015

Conspiracy Theory

I like history. I am not saying I am a historian or even a student of history. I just like history. I do not know details about a lot of historical events, but I remember snippets of some historical events. When I think something does not sound right, I think of why I think that and it is usually because a snippet in my mind reminds me of something else I heard in the past, then I have to do some research to find out what else I do not know.

When President Obama was campaigning against Hillary Clinton, he was far to the left of Ms. Clinton to win the Democrat nomination. That is when he told us who he was. After he beat Ms. Clinton, Obama took up most of her positions to beat John McCain in the national election, then he reverted to who he told us he was when he won the nomination. In other words he moved far left to an agenda I had heard before in Germany after WWI and in Cuba forty five years before and in Venezuela with Hugo Chavez. Yes my first fear of President Obama was that he wanted to be a dictator. Every move he made and every speech he made sent my mind thinking in that direction.

I predicted he would try and shut down the opposing voices, which he has tried numerous times and numerous ways to do. His minions tried their best to shut down talk radio and Fox news. They are making another run at net neutrality to give the government control of the internet. We are only being saved by our Constitution and the courts. Congress has been an ineffective deterrent.

I predicted he would try to disarm the country. He has not stopped trying. The NRA membership and its huge voting block are the main deterrent. Did you know that James Madison proposed 39 changes to the constitution before it was ratified? He did not want amendments, he wanted these changes written into the body of the Constitution. Instead the ideas were condensed and 7 of the 39 proposals became part of the Bill of Rights – the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. One of these was the right to bear arms. James Madison realized almost 250 years ago that an oppressive government would have less ability to suppress the people if the populace was armed. I think Democrats hate our form of government and realize disarming us is one step necessary to overturn the Constitution.

I predicted Obama would pull the military back from foreign countries to use it against us in case of rebellion. I was not quite right, but close. Instead he has considerably reduced the size of the military, including high level officers that oppose him. He has fired about 250 senior officers from our military. Now they are conducting military exercises inside the United States – not at military bases, but in cities in the south. If you have not heard about this look up operation “Jade Helm.” What do you suppose is the purpose of this training? They were blunt about it. They are training to put down insurrections in this country.

Think about it. Think about “Rules for Radicals.” Think about Cass Sunstein and “Nudge.” Think about the rhetoric you hear from this administration. Every time anyone from the Obama administration talks about terrorists they are talking about “The Tea Party.” They do not recognize Islamic terrorists. The only terrorists they recognize are people that oppose them. Obama’s enemies are us. Do not trust these people. Be skeptical of anyone trying to talk you into ceding one more of your rights.

So far our Constitution has saved us. What do we do if he declares the Constitution void by Executive Order? I think that is where we are headed. Pay attention.

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