Saturday, March 21, 2015

Race Discussions

Starbucks race discussion idea seems to be falling short of the intention. I have found several flaws in Howard Schultz’s thinking. Maybe Starbucks’ franchises are in the wrong place to conduct experiments in improving race relations. Starbucks could move franchises away from downtown areas where people can afford expensive coffee and generally do not have time to talk. If they moved into inner city areas where people do not have money and jobs, they would find an audience much more willing to talk to the baristas about race. Of course the coffee would have to be much cheaper and even free if you want a group discussion. But that would defeat the whole intent of the plan. Howard Schultz does not want to talk to Black people about race. He wants the baristas talking to white people about race relations. What’s the point?

People in charge always make the rules. This is not necessarily bad, but it is just the way it is. Abuses by business owners lead to labor unions and new laws to prevent abuse by landlords, business owners and people in government positions. Labor unions gave us labor leaders that make their rules to help themselves and not necessarily the people they represent. People in charge make the rules. City councilmen make rules that benefit themselves and sometime even help some of the people they represent. Governors and Presidents approve laws that benefit themselves and their supporters.

The beauty of the American system is that if you work hard, get an education and take some chances you can improve your lifestyle and the lifestyle of your family. That is what is known as “The American Dream.” If you study politics and stick your neck out to run for office, you can find yourself in charge and contribute to making the rules.

I will not deny that there are some racists in this country. At the present time I hear more Black people sounding racist than I see in any other race. Educators are brainwashing our children that this is an inherently racist country, but it did not start out that way.

As a reminder to some, our military was integrated as far back as the continental army. Our federal government and our military were integrated until the Democrats elected Woodrow Wilson in 1920. Wilson was a racist and he instructed his cabinet secretaries to segregate their agencies. Remember Bill Clinton praising Robert Byrd after his death. Robert Byrd was a KKK leader when he got elected to Congress and he is revered by the Democrats. Without the Democrats, the civil rights movement would not have been necessary. Do not forget that Martin Luther King was a Republican.

If we want to have a race discussion in this country, we should first understand our history. Our news media and our educators are working hard to hide our history from our children in favor of the “this is a racist country” narrative. People in charge make the rules. Any inherent bias we get in our government and our social environs results from the people in charge. If we want social change and the ability to get rid of the perceived racism, we must put different people in charge. We can do that with elections. If Black people want to make the rules, it is okay with me. First they have to earn the right to do so, by going to school, working hard and running for office. I have voted for several Black candidates in my life, but I have never voted a Black candidate that treated me like he thought I was a racist.

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