Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Worst Thing

Have you thought about the worst thing about President Barack Obama? I think he is the most dishonest public figure I have ever seen in my lifetime, but that’s not it. I think he was the prevaricator- in-chief selling Obamacare. “If you have an insurance plan you like, you can keep it. If you like your doctor, you can keep him.” Those were untruths told intentionally, but that not the worst thing.

President Obama says climate change is the biggest threat we have to face and he may really believe that, so this makes him sound foolish to those of us that actually believe in science. After all, the purpose of the climate change move is to make us give our money to countries that are more corrupt than ours. Yes, Obama thinks we are too well off and we need to be taken down a peg, because it is the fair thing to do. Yes, our President is into “fairness”. He wants prosperous countries to give their stuff to unprosperous countries and he wants to take from the “haves” to give to the “have-nots” in this country. That is misguided and narrow minded, because he never considers cause and effect. He only makes judgment on the end results. But that’s not it.

The President continually tells us how many jobs his policies have created and how great our economy is, while everyone with good sense knows the economy only stays this bad for this long under Democrat Administrations. As soon as we elect a Republican president growth will spurt to six percent and 90,000,000 will get a chance to go back to work. But that’s not it.

He tells us continually he has to open up the borders to help our economy, knowing all the while that the purpose of encouraging illegal immigration is to change the populace to swing elections to Democrats. That will probably work, but it is not the worst thing about him.

It is only my opinion, but my opinion is that the worst thing about President Barack Obama is how he corrupts everyone else around him. He has the Democrats almost in lock-step supporting everything he says. Josh Earnest, the Press Secretary is continually doing contortions trying to spin the Obama prevarication of the day. Obama is a firm believer in the Saul Alinsky rule that says if you repeat a lie often enough people will start believing it.

The IRS and the Justice Department attacked Conservative groups that oppose Obama’s Progressive policies. Robert Menendez is being prosecuted because he is making a stink about the Iran agreement the Administration is trying to push off on us.

The Islamic State is not Islamic and we were not attacked by Muslims on 9/11, because Muslims do not do the atrocious things these people do. How hard was it to get Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg to go along with the idea that the 9/11 airplane hijacking and crashes into the World Trade Center was not done by Muslims.  

Yes, I am convinced the worst thing about President Barack Obama is how he corrupts everyone around him.

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